Last chance to enjoy the fruits of Mayfest

Last chance to enjoy the fruits of Mayfest

Posted on: 24 May 2024

Bristol’s renowned international festival of contemporary theatre and live performances is back, curating a heart-filled gathering of artists from all over the world.


Mayfest runs across multiple Bristol venues until Sunday 26 May 2024.


This vibrant festival celebrates visionary artists worldwide who create visceral experiences that move and provoke the audience through performance. Presenting contemporary theatre as well as dance, site-specific and experimental theatre, Mayfest is one of Bristol’s most radical festivals. Mayfest has been running since Friday May 17, and is ending this Sunday – so this is your last chance to experience one of the world’s most thought-provoking theatrical festivals.

There are plenty of pieces that are only running today and Saturday too, so make sure to look at the full programme ASAP; for instance, today is your last chance to catch The Goner – a piece by Malik Nashad Sharpe that ‘violently confronts the sinister themes within marginalisation’ via the language of horror and slasher films – touching on topics of abuse, Caribbean migration, alienation, belonging, addiction, and violence along the way.

Also today and tomorrow is ‘The Making of Pinocchio’. Set in a fictional film studio, this “true tale of love and transition” is a thoughtful, funny tale about truth and trans identity. You can catch The Making of Pinocchio at Bristol Old Vic.


Running until the end of the festival is the UK premiere of acclaimed performance art piece Arch. Centred around an attempt to build a freestanding arch, two thirds concrete, and one third ice, Arch explores death, renewal, hope and the perpetual inevitability of collapse – all accompanied by a vigil of human voices.



There are more than a dozen other performances and shows going on throughout the rest of this weekend for Mayfest – and not much time to get your tickets to see them. As a reminder, the final day of Mayfest is this Sunday, 26 May. To browse the full programme and get tickets, go to Mayfest’s website.

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