A new death-defying world record was just broken in Bristol

A new death-defying world record was just broken in Bristol

Posted on: 21 Sep 2023

Henry Ayala of Circus Extreme has just broken his own world record for leaping through flaming hoops – and he did it on the Downs.


Circus Extreme is a highly-acclaimed touring circus visting Bristol right now, featured in the award-winning Amazon Prime series, The Real Greatest Showmen. Best known for their extreme stunts, the circus includes the Danguir Troupe and their unique motorcross stunts (such as the world’s FIRST double somersault), as well as the Ayala Troupe – holders of the Guinness World Record for most skips on a tightrope in one minute.


Well, the Ayala troupe have done it again. Henry Ayala – better known as Henry, Prince of Clowns – has just broken the world record for the most jumps through a flaming hoop on a tightrope in one minute.

Ayala was also the previous record holder, having achieved 14 devil-may-care leaps in 2022 during a tour of Italy. On Monday 20th September 2023, Henry the Prince of Clowns smashed his own record with a whopping 17 fire-flouting jumps atop a dizzyingly high tightrope in the big top of Circus Extreme.


It’s worth noting here that despite the heights involved, Ayala had no safety net of any kind – this was a truly dangerous stunt that only a clown would have the foolhardy courage to attempt!

The milestone was celebrated with performances from other circus members, such as a tightrope chair-balancing act- from Ayala’s own partner - and an aerial performance. Ayala’s young son was also on hand to congratulate his father for a great performance.


Circus Extreme (including Henry, Prince of Clowns) are performing Wednesdays-Sundays in Bristol until the 8th of October, on the Downs. If you’re interested in death-deying stunts, breathtaking spectacle, and multiple world-record holders, then head to their website to find out more and book tickets.

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