Review: Circus Extreme on The Downs

Review: Circus Extreme on The Downs

Posted on: 18 Sep 2023

"The feel-good factor continues after the summer holidays, with this bold and entertaining circus show on the Clifton Downs."


Whenever I have been to the circus (and, in four decades, it has not been that often), I have always been astounded by the feats of bravery, strength and athleticism on display. And on our family trip to see Circus Extreme on the Clifton Downs this September, it was no different.


The action was breathtaking, involving many of the traditional fares of the circus: tight ropes, high wires, and aerial acrobatics performed with grace and beauty.


Then there was some extreme roller-skating and even more extreme (like x100) motorbike action – very clever how they used both confined space and opened the pavilion in its full three dimensions to be more expansive. Jurgen Klopp once described his team as playing heavy metal football, and this was at times most definitely a heavy metal circus.

This was all punctuated with a genuinely funny clown who encouraged a little audience participation (I’m thinking visual humour rather than Dad jokes may be the way to go with my family, given their mirthful laughter at his performance), and musical and dancing interludes all performed with great energy.


The crew were efficient at completing the changeovers, and the audio-visual team were very much centre stage; with music, sound, lighting and effects all playing important roles in the overall show.


As you’d expect, the complete performance lasted about two hours, including an interval. We (Mum, Dad, daughter (9) and son (13)) all came away beaming and picking out our favourite parts on the walk back to the car.

To sum up, if you don’t like loud noises, flashing lights, death-defying stunts and motorbikes being launched 20 metres into the air, stay well away – this is not for you. But if all that sounds kind of cool, then get your tickets fast and head up to the Downs. I’ve got no hesitation in giving it five stars!


Circus Extreme runs in Bristol until Sunday 8 October, secure your entry now HERE.

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