Ninja Warrior Park coming to Bristol this month

Ninja Warrior Park coming to Bristol this month

Posted on: 12 Dec 2022


The “Adventure Park” based on the popular Ninja Warrior TV show is coming to Bristol on the 20th of December.


Have you ever watched the athletes and amateur parkour enthusiasts on Ninja Warrior performing Herculean feats of movement – and thought: “I could do that”? Well, now’s your chance to prove it.


Ninja Warrior is the slightly more serious cousin of Total Wipeout or Takeshi’s Castle – an obstacle assault course TV show. Dubbed the "Toughest Course on TV", Ninja Warrior attracts a mixture of professional athletes and freerunners – and enthusiastic amateur athletes. It’s known for its daunting obstacles, such as the Quintuple Steps, Warped Wall and the final obstacle: Mount Midoriyama.



Ninja Warrior looks pretty fun, but is a daunting prospect – only the fittest and toughest of contestants make it onto the show, let alone through the rounds.


Hence why Ninja Warrior UK has brought the Ninja Warrior experience to everyone, with their Ninja Warrior Adventure Parks.



The parks are already very successful across the UK, with locations in Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Cardiff and a whole lot more – but now Bristol is getting its own, opening 20th of December.


The Bristol Ninja Warrior Adventure Park promises visitors they can “climb, balance, jump and swing across different obstacles using and developing your Ninja skills”. They also advertise having their own version of the famous Warped Wall, and their own mountain obstacle – Mount Sasuke.


Bristol Ninja Warrior also offers “Mini Ninjas soft play” for 0-3 year olds for a safe but fun experience for little ones.



It’s exciting that Bristol is finally being included in the Ninja Warrior family. As mentioned, the park opens this month, the 20th of December, at 16:30. Typically, the park will be open 9am-8pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-9pm on the weekends.


To pre-book tickets, go to Ninja Warrior’s website here.

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