Avon Wildlife Trust launch Nextdoor Nature initiative in BS1 and BS5

Avon Wildlife Trust launch Nextdoor Nature initiative in BS1 and BS5

Posted on: 26 Aug 2022

Have your say in how to make more space for nature.


Avon Wildlife Trust (AWT) has launched a new project designed to support communities in BS1 and BS5 who want to bring more nature to their doorsteps.


The Nextdoor Nature initiative offers people living in the two nature-depleted areas the opportunity to decide what changes are made in their neighbourhood.


Find out more about this initiative and how to submit your idea via AWT's website.



AWT’s Nextdoor Nature initiative is geared towards tackling two urgent issues: making more space for nature (30% of land and sea by 2030) and improving access to nature.


Research by the organisation revealed that 85% of people in nature deprived areas thought that their quality of life would improve if they could more easily visit green spaces.


Community Organiser Tay Aziz wrote in a statement on AWT’s website: “Imagine stepping out of your front door to birds singing, walking along streets full of wildflowers, or sharing locally grown food with your neighbours in a community garden.


“We know that having nature on our doorsteps is not only good for our physical and mental health, but also helps us better connect with each other.”

AWT want the input of anyone living in BS1 and BS5 to help drive change in their neighbourhood. Some example ideas given by the organisation include establishing wild habitats and green corridors, rewilding school grounds and naturalising unused areas.


Aziz adds: “We’re asking community groups in Redcliffe and Easton to come forward with their ideas on ways to rewild their local area. Even if they want to get involved but aren’t sure how, we want people to get in touch so we can support you to create more space for nature.”


“The initiative will bring huge benefits for nature, too. One of the big problems facing our wildlife is fragmentation – wild places are isolated and disconnected, preventing plants and animals from moving freely across the landscape.


“By creating wild patches in more built-up areas, we can reconnect our nature networks, creating pit-stops for pollinators, buffets for birds and bats, and highways for hedgehogs.”


AWT are looking for ideas to be submitted by Sunday 18 September. Find more information about the initiative and how to have your say here.

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