Report links close to 90,000 UK nighttime economy job losses to the pandemic

Report links close to 90,000 UK nighttime economy job losses to the pandemic

Posted on: 11 Oct 2021

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) is pushing to raise awareness of the cultural sector's huge contributions to the UK economy.


A new report released today (Monday 11 September) has revealed around 86,000 jobs have been lost in the UK's nighttime cultural economy sector since 2019, owing largely to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


Commissioned by the NTIA, the report lays out the significance of the cultural sector with regards to the wider British economy, accounting for 1.6% of the nation's GDP and more than 425,000 jobs pre-covid.


The NTIA are concerned revelations may have far-reaching implications for the UK's recovery from the pandemic, amid persistent fears inside the industry that many jobs lost will be lost for good.



Speaking on the release of the report, NTIA CEO, Michael Kill, said: “we are pleased to be able to present today this important and timely piece of work quantifying, for the first time, the size of the night time economy in the UK.”


“In my 25-year career working in UK nightlife, it has always struck me as so odd that we did not have a proper accounting of the value of this important sector. Today’s report puts that right, and is long overdue.


Leading opposition to government proposals for vaccine passports at UK nightlife venues, Kill added that the new data shows it is the “worst possible time to introduce vaccine passports, which will further damage a sector essential to the economic recovery.”


As part of the full statement, the NTIA are calling on the government to use their upcoming budget announcement to support the nighttime cultural sector by extending the 12.5% VAT rate on hospitality until 2024.


The organisation are also pushing for door sales to be included in that reduced VAT rate - easing the strain on nightclubs that rely on door sales rather than selling tickets - and for the government to ensure that there are no further increases on Alcohol Duties.


The full NTIA report into the UK's nighttime cultural sector losses can be accessed here. For more information, or to follow news and updates on the campaign, visit the NTIA website or follow the organisation on Twitter.


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