BARBI Bristol to launch all-new food and drink delivery app this Friday

BARBI Bristol to launch all-new food and drink delivery app this Friday

Posted on: 10 Feb 2021

The app promises low commission for restaurants, better pay for delivery drivers and increased support for Bristol's hospitality industry.


The team behind Bristol-based hospitality network BARBI have announced they'll be launching a brand-new delivery app this Friday 12 February, set to rival the likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats with the aim of keeping money in the community and reducing fees for participating restaurants.


Since the pandemic hit, restaurants and hospitality businesses have become increasingly reliant on delivery services, many of which charge huge commission fees on the orders that go through their platforms.


Built by Bristol, for Bristol, the BARBI app will offer drastically reduced commissions compared to the current market leaders, as well as increasing the low wages offered to delivery drivers and riders.


With more than 40 venues involved at launch - including Thali Easton, The Volunteer Tavern and The Crafty Cow - the BARBI app will be available to download from Friday via the iOS App Store and Google Play.



Aiming to offer commission rates of just 15% per order - down from as much as 35% from leading delivery apps - BARBI are looking to safeguard the future of Bristol's hospitality industry, ensuring they keep a much larger share of their income.


The BARBI team hope that their new app will loosen the grip that major corporations like Uber and Deliveroo currently have on the industry, with a view to expand to table booking, event ticket sales, discounts and local news features in the future.


As well as reducing fees for businesses, the app is also offering improved wages and rates for delivery riders and drivers from launch. 


Amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, support for independent businesses and the local economy is more important than ever. In an industry made up of more than 30,000 people and over 1,800 establishments in Bristol alone, support from within the community is vital.

The BARBI Team (left to right) - Andy Dodd, Brendan Murphy and Adam Brittain. Photo: Jess ConnettThe BARBI Team (left to right) - Andy Dodd, Brendan Murphy and Adam Brittain. Photo: Jess Connett


The British Association of Restaurants, Bars and Independents (BARBI) was set up in 2016 by 365Bristol owner Brendan Murphy and Flipside owner Andy Dodd, with a view to establishing an effective support network for Bristol's hospitality sector.


The group has grown steadily since its inception, and has played a significant role in the industry throughout the pandemic, sharing information regarding support funding, connecting local businesses and service providers with each other, and lobbying for change within the local council.


There are currently over 400 local venues and businesses signed up to BARBI, with 10,000 people in their core network. The team hope to expand to new cities in the future, having been approached by a number of hospitality communities nationwide.

Speaking ahead of the app's launch, BARBI co-founder Brendan Murphy said: "If there's one thing the industry needs it is alternatives to the national and international delivery apps and other companies taking advantage of independent businesses.


"The money you spend through the BARBI App will also stay within the local Bristol economy. So buy local, buy independent!"


The BARBI App will be available to download from Friday 12 February. Find it on the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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