Bristol Open Doors unveil programme of audio walking tours for 2020

Bristol Open Doors unveil programme of audio walking tours for 2020

Posted on: 27 Jul 2020

Uncover the city’s secrets, guided by the people who know Bristol best, with Bristol Open Doors 2020. 


Ever wondered who brought street art to Bristol? Want to discover a ruin of a sacred Temple in the heart of the city? Now you can, thanks to Bristol Open Doors


An annual celebration of the city’s past, present and future, Open Doors allows the people of Bristol to learn more about their city.


Through a range of workshops, talks and tours, the festival gives citizens the chance to unlock the city; uncovering access to landmarks and forgotten spaces alike. 


For its 2020 celebration, Bristol Open Doors has unveiled a programme of audio walking tours. 



This year, festival fans can book onto a selection of audio walking tours, taking place between Friday 11 September and Sunday 13 September, to discover how history has shaped the city we know today. 


The tours will be guided by local legends, and each tour will begin at the harbour. The tours are suitable for all ages. 


At the moment, there’s a selection of three audio walking tours available to book; Vibrant Bristol, Hidden Harbour and Historic Bristol. 


We all know Bristol is a hub for street art. After all, UpFest is Europe’s largest street art festival. 


But why is the city so colourful? Who brought street art to Bristol? What’s the story behind the paint? Vibrant Bristol: Street Art and The Painted City audio walking tour will reveal all. 

Street art in Bedminster, Bristol

Street art in Bedminster, Bristol | Credit: Nick Fewings 


Hidden Harbour: Stories of a Radical City will uncover 1,000 years of Harbour history; from the Merchant traders, slaves and slavers to the falling of Edward Colston’s statue. 


This tour has been created by City Poet Vanessa Kisuule in collaboration with the people of Bristol. 


Last but not least is Historic Bristol: Through Time and Temple, in which walkers will discover the ruin of a sacred Temple in the heart of modern Bristol.


You'll travel through time and temple, from the Crusades to present day. Remnants of Bristol’s medieval past can be found all around the city, if you know where to look! 



Check out what Bristol Open Doors looked like in 2019


To take part in an Open Doors audio walking tour, you’ll need a smartphone and headphones. 


Pick your preferred day and start time (between 11 September and 13 September) and purcahse your tickets over on the Open Doors website. 


On the day, arrive at your starting point with your tour already downloaded for a socially-distanced introduction, given by one of the Bristol Open Doors producers.


Then away you go! Press play and follow the instructions for your personal tour. The tours take between 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your pace. 


Places on each tour and time slot are limited to ensure social distancing. Adult tickets cost £10 plus booking fee, and Child tickets cost £5, plus booking fee. Head to the Bristol Open Doors website to book. 


Bristol Open Doors is put together by the Architecture Centre, Bristol’s centre for design and creative placemaking.


Their mission? To encourage an understanding and enjoyment of architecture, and to champion better buildings and places for everyone.

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