5 places to find vegan fast food in Bristol

5 places to find vegan fast food in Bristol

Posted on: 08 Sep 2019

Bristol’s food scene consists of a wide variety of cuisines. We're no strangers to a good burger and know our way around a pizza, but one thing Bristol does better than most is vegan food. 


Last year, Bristol was found to be the most popular city for veganism. Not sure where to start with this part of Bristol's food scene? University of Bristol student Orin Carlin takes us through some of the city's vegan fast food options. 


Marling Fish Bar | BS5 7LL

Marling Fish Bar is a takeaway shop that specialises in fish & chips, Chinese, Thai and Malaysian food. It's excellent to see such a wide range of meat alternatives, giving customers the opportunity to try some more unusual vegan options like mock beef or mock squid.Marling.

Vx | BS3 4ER

Vx prides itself on delivering a fantastic range of vegan treats and junk food. Their mission is to promote veganism without sacrificing delicious flavours.

Why not try their macaroni cheese or steak frites and decide for yourself!

Oowee Vebab | BS6 5QA

Oowee Vebab is the newest addition to the Oowee family.

The decision to close their Oowee Diner store on Picton Street and replace it with this fully vegan kebab option pays tribute to the chain's popularity with Bristol vegans.

oowee vebab

Mission Burrito | BS1 5JN

Although Mission Burrito is not entirely vegan, its vegetarian burritos, rice boxes, tacos and salad boxes are all suitable - as are many of their sauces. Check them out on Park Street.

Find Mission Burrito on Park Street

Matter Fastfoods

It would be remiss of me not to mention Matter Fastfoods and their incredible tofish and chips.

Although they have very recently closed, they worked hard to promote veganism in Bristol. They have told us: ‘We hope to come back at some point. In the meantime, we are going to be doing pop up vegan street food at our soon-to-be kombucha taproom.’

Matter Fastfoods in Bristol

Where’s your favourite place in Bristol to get vegan fast food? Let us know on Twitter.

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Orin Carlin

Originally from Surrey, Orin is a second-year Classics student at the University of Bristol, where she edits the Style section of the university's independent newspaper. She loves anything fashion, beauty or food-related and can often be found engrossed in a book or exploring Bristol!