Sourdough September: 8 places to find sourdough in Bristol

Sourdough September: 8 places to find sourdough in Bristol

Posted on: 05 Sep 2019

There’s something special about visiting a bakery.


An escape from industrially-produced stuff of the supermarket shelves, bakeries are a chance to get up close and personal with the people who lovingly craft the crumbs. 


Often, their ingredient lists are simple and their offering remains the same. But there’s one type of loaf that can ignite a bit of glee in most of us. With just flour, water and salt, real bread makers can fashion thick, crusty loaves, fluffy pizza bases and even doughnuts. 


An artisanal staple, a Bristol favourite: life is certainly sweeter with sourdough. Thank god, it’s #SourdoughSeptember. Here’s eight places you can find it in Bristol. 

#SourdoughSeptember in Bristol 2019


65 Whiteladies Road, BS8 2LYThe bread-filled windows of Bakesmiths

If you descend on Bakesmiths early enough, you’ll find dozens of sourdough loaves lining its windows.


A rather large selection, the bakery often houses speciality creations. In recent times, they’ve had beetroot sourdough and loafs made with turmeric black onions seeds! Yum. 


Mark’s Bread
291 North Street, BS3 1JUMark’s Bread is based on North Street in Bedminster

Did someone say sourdough specialities? Based on North Street, Mark’s Bread is a purveyor of wacky sourdough combos. 


Just this week, they’ve welcomes sunflower and honey, sweet potato and beer sourdough. Heart eyes emoji!


Assembly Bakery
27 West Street, Bristol BS2 0DFThe Assembly Bakery in Old Market

Another Bristol bakery flying the flag for genuine sourdough is the Assembly Bakery.


Pick up some carby-goodness from their home in Old Market or from shop their smaller set up in Wapping Wharf’s Cargo 2.

Wait, what is Sourdough September? And what is sourfaux?


It’s a good question. #SourdoughSeptember is the brainchild of Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming. Part of their Real Bread initiative, Sourdough September aims to celebrate genuine sourdough and the people producing it. 


But what is genuine sourdough?


According to Sustain, genuine sourdough is made with flour, water and salt. It doesn’t contain any extra ingredients or artificial additives, and it is leavened using a live sourdough culture only - without the addition of commercial yeast or other leavening agents. 


And dough that doesn't meet this criteria? That's Sourfaux! Easy peasy. Find out more about Sustain's Real Bread programme here. 

East Bristol Bakery 
112 St Marks Road, BS5 6JDEast Bristol Bakery

St Marks Road in Easton is the gift that keeps on giving. A proper community hub, it’s an area jam-packed with thriving independents. East Bristol Bakery - at number 112 - is no exception. 


85 Park Street, BS1 5PJPinkmans is based on the top of Park Street

If you don’t know already, then where have you been? Pinkmans on Park Street is the home of sour-dough-nuts, among many other sourdough treats. 


Not for the faint-hearted, these hefty, doughy balls come in a variety of flavours, packed with cream.


Bertha’s Pizza
The Old Gaol Stables, Cumberland Road, BS1 6UXBertha’s Pizza is based on the edge of Wapping Wharf

The best sourdough pizza in Bristol? We certainly think so.


Find this sunny, family-run eatery on the edge of Wapping Wharf. Grab one of their Neapolitan-style pizzas (we’d recommend the Sausagefest), gorge, then finish off with a scoop of homemade gelato.


Are you based nearer to Gloucester Road? Head to Flour & Ash or Pizzarova for all your sourdough pizza needs. 


Hobbs House Bakery
Various locations Find Hobbs House Bakery across the city

A father of sourdough goodness. A family business, Hobbs House Bakery was established in the 1920’s, so they know a thing or two about a good loaf. Find them on Gloucester Road or North Street. 


Hart’s Bakery 
35 Lower Approach Road, BS1 6QSPhoto: DLR & Sofa Sound Bristol

Taking the train? You’ve got to stop off at Hart’s.


Beneath Temple Meads, you’ll find Hart’s Bakery open-plan home. A sourdough specialist, Hart’s creates loaves with organic flour from Tetbury’s Shipton Mill. 

Where's your favourite place in Bristol to get sourdough? Let us know on Twitter. 

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