10 Bristol restaurants that make great Christmas gift ideas

10 Bristol restaurants that make great Christmas gift ideas

Posted on: 29 Nov 2023

You’ve no doubt heard it before already, but I’m going to say it again – Christmas is on the way. That time of joy, togetherness – and desperately shopping for more tat to give your loved ones, that they in turn will desperately search for some unoccupied cupboard or corner to store it in.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Why not eschew consumerism this Christmas for a slightly more natural form of consumption – sharing a meal. There are scores and scores of independent venues across Bristol offering eclectic and delicious dishes – and desperately need your support.

Handily, plenty of these independent venues have vouchers on offer – making the perfect present for the gourmet (or just a hungry philistine) in your life. So forget stuff, make some memories, and support your local businesses, with our list of just a few of the top-notch restaurants in Bristol offering vouchers.


The Garden of Easton, BS5

This paradisical, vegan-friendly small-plates restaurant sits on Easton’s hidden gem – St. Mark’s Road.

Bursting with plantlife and greenery, paired with rustic and artisan decorations, The Garden of Easton can ease you into the day with all-day breakfasts, brunch dishes and smoothies – or return in the evening for a bounty of sharing small-plates rejoicing in locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

You can find out more about The Garden of Easton and their vouchers on their website – or jump straight to booking a gift card via squareup.

Koocha, BS6

Koocha is a self-styled ‘Mezze Bar’ specialising in vegan Persian & Middle Eastern cuisine. Sat just under Gloucester Road’s famous Arches, Koocha stress that whilst all their food may be totally plant-based, it’s also totally for everyone.

While Koocha are best known for their sharing mezze plates like oyster mushroom wings, spicy pomegrante potato ‘Batata Hara’ – or their range of dips from whipped feta to artichoke and garlic dip – they also have a range of well-loved large plates, like their so-good-it’ll-convert-you seitan doner kebab.

You can check out Koocha’s website here – or get one of their custom gift vouchers on squareup.

Ahh, Toots, BS1

Ahh, Toots might be the Bristol baking scene’s most inexplicably well-kept secret. Starting as a stall in nearby St.Nick’s market, Ahh Toots quickly became a firm favourite for their genuinely staggeringly good artisan cakes and sweet baked goods – leading to a physical premises at the bottom of quaint Christmas Steps.

An artisan cake might be the kind of luxury that the people in your life are reluctant to treat themselves to – making this the perfect voucher gift, whether they want one of Ahh, Toots’ daily offerings of sweet treats, a custom cake, or even an afternoon tea service!

Bravas, BS6

Small plate sharing is huge right now – and for good reason. Sharing a meal with friends or loved ones becomes all the more intimate and memorable when you can actually experience and share the same flavours and textures in a commmunal memory-making experience.

So, why not offer the people in your life a chance to taste the big daddy of small plates – tapas? Bravas is a warm, intimate restaurant that has sat proudly on Cotham Hill for some time now. With a focus on simple, well-sourced dishes, Bravas are all about bringing people together in their warm, unpretentious space – perfect for a Christmas gift!

Gambas, BS1

For a more coastal tapas experience, look to the other side of the river. Gambas sit within Cargo, just on the harbourside – appropriate, given that their speciality is Gambas (Spanish for prawns), alongside other seafood and fish dishes.

If you’re looking for a romantic dinner experience for your giftee, this is a great choice – as Gambas claim that from their terrace you can enjoy the ‘best sunsets in Bristol’. Get your voucher on their website.

7 Lucky Gods, BS1

Neighbouring Gambas is small plates done a little different – Japanese and Asian-fusion style. Inspired by the intimate, unfussy late-night ‘Izakaya’ of Tokyo, Seven Lucky Gods has a wide menu featuring delights like crunchy sichuan-fried cauliflower, perfectly-pitched Tuna Tataki, or umami koji-marinated grilled onglet steak.

7LG have a unique voucher system with options for regular monetary vouchers – or pre-set meal vouchers, such as their Sushi & Cocktail Experience for Two, or their Dining & Sake Experience for Two. Check them all out on their website.

Bertha’s Pizza, BS1

The hardcore pizza enthusiasts at Bertha’s are unapologetically exacting in their standards for their artisan, fermented sourdough pizza. Cooked at a staggering 500 degrees for a mere 60-90 seconds in their eponymous pizza oven, Bertha’s guarantee a crispy, perfect pizza with just the right amount of char.

Berthas offer their vouchers via squareup – but also offer physical, illustrated postcard vouchers for a more personal touch.


The – you guessed it – small plates at COR are a more Mediterranean-inspired affair. COR are great for all different times of the day – bites with a friend, light lunch , or a dinner with family, it’s the perfect place for all these occasions.

So, if you want to treat someone you love to burnt leek with tarragon vinaigrette and chervil, cuttlefish with nduja and salsa verde, or taglitelle in a crab bisque with monk’s beard and lemon – head to COR’s website.

Sonny Stores , BS3

In the short years since it’s inception, Sonny Stores has become a local – and national – sensation. Unassumingly tucked away on the corner of a residential Southville street, Sonny Stores is an Italian-inspired restaurant that the Guardian’s Jay Rayner describes as getting everything “absolutely right”.

For a no-doubt guaranteed crowd-pleaser gift, it’s hard to do much better than a voucher to Sonny Stores – get yours on their website.

Souk Kitchen, BS3

Souk Kitchen are your best stop for Middle Eastern mezze south of the river – a cosy, trendy eatery just across from Tobacco Factory Theatre (dinner and a show perhaps?) Souk Kitchen are the kind of place that offers diverse and eclectic-tasting dishes, but even if you just had their hummus and flatbread you’d leave happy.

Souk Kitchen are another restaurant that offer special gift experiences alongside their regular monetary vouchers – a great way to really relax and enjoy dinner without having to watch your budget. Get yours from their website.

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