Dinosaurs will be roaming the halls of Bristol Aquarium this Easter break

Dinosaurs will be roaming the halls of Bristol Aquarium this Easter break

Posted on: 31 Mar 2023

A hoard of dinosaurs has invaded Bristol Aquarium just in time for the Easter holidays and they need the help of some young adventurers to get rid of them! 


Bristol Aquarium’s Prehistoric Sealife event runs from Saturday 1 until Sunday 16 April 2023.


This Easter half term, Bristol Aquarium are going back in time to teach visitors about the prehistoric monsters that ruled the sea as they dig for fossils and take part in a special prehistoric trail that spans across all seven of the Aquarium’s exhibits.


Visit the Aquarium website for more information.



Visitors to the Aquarium can expect Pterosaurs to fly over the water just as they would have done millions of years ago, scouting for fish, and new dinosaurs will be displayed in the Bay of Rays exhibit. These will be a Guanlong, a Baby Iguanodon, and an Ankylosaurus.


This Prehistoric Sealife event will run throughout the Easter holidays, and visitors will be able to learn from Aquarists about ancient creatures such as Megalodons, Ichthyosaurs, Tylosaurus’ and more. Guests can also dig for the fossils of these long dead sea creatures just like the ammonites used by palaeontologists to learn about the past.


Mark Eastment, the Operations Supervisor at Bristol Aquarium said: “We’re all really excited to welcome three new dinosaurs into our Bay of Rays exhibit!


“We have a replica jaw of a Megalodon in the Learning Lab here, so it’s always great for staff to teach children about the prehistoric predator that ruled the sea. We hope our guests are looking forward to learning about the other fascinating creatures that inhabited the ocean all those years ago.

Bristol Aquarium allows visitors the opportunity to dive into the ocean and discover the wonders of the deep, right in the heart of Bristol. The Aquarium is home to over 40 themed displays that house thousands of amazing aquatic creatures, including tropical sharks, rays, seahorses, puffer fish, piranhas, and more.


Visit the Bristol Aquarium website for more information.

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