The Bristol Hippodrome announce new event exploring what creates a serial killer

The Bristol Hippodrome announce new event exploring what creates a serial killer

Posted on: 13 Mar 2023

One of the UK’s most notable psychological therapists and crime commentators, Emma Kenny, is coming to Bristol to discuss the genesis of some of history’s most notorious killers. 


‘The Serial Killer Next Door With Emma Kenny’ is dropping by The Bristol Hippodrome on Monday 8 May 2023.


Fans of true crime podcasts and all things macabre are sure to be excited by the prospect of a prestigious expert such as Kenny guiding them through the formative moments and psychological routes of murderers such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer and more.





Have you ever wondered what creates a serial killer and whether anything could have prevented their sinister potential from being activated, or were they destined to kill from the very start?


Leading the discussion will be ITV’s This Morning star Emma Kenny. A top psychological therapist and crime commentator, Emma specialises in victimology. However, she is widely known in the UK for presenting crime shows such as Britain’s Darkest Taboos, Lady Killers and The Killer in My Family.


Throughout her career, Emma has presented more than 70 true crime programmes, analysing some of the most atrocious crimes in the history of the UK as well as in the States, exploring what wakes a killer, and why some can be born into ordinary families without fear or abuse, but still choose a murderous path.


Emma Kenny is visiting Bristol as part massive UK and Ireland tour that will visit venues in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Hull, Portsmouth, Brighton, Bristol, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool, Norwich, York, Newcastle, Cardiff, Cambridge, Leicester and Sheffield to name but a few. Visit the tour website for more information.



‘The Serial Killer Next Door With Emma Kenny’ is at The Bristol Hippodrome for one day only on Monday 8 May 2023. Tickets for the show are available now and can be purchased HERE.


To find out more about what’s coming up at The Bristol Hippodrome, visit the theatre’s website.

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