Beginning Today: brand new collaborative exhibition between Noods and Dance Policy

Beginning Today: brand new collaborative exhibition between Noods and Dance Policy

Posted on: 03 Feb 2023

Today marks the first day of a three-day exhibition, ‘Communal Throb’, presented by cult independent radio station Noods and music and youth culture magazine Dance Policy.


Noods Radio / Dance Policy: ‘Communal Throb’ is a free exhibition running from Friday 3 to Sunday 5 February at Centre Space, BS1 1EA.


Bringing together a wide variety of creatives, 'Communal Throb' aims to shine a light on the alternative side of youth and dance culture across the UK and beyond with a selection of talented photographers' work on display. 

The exhibition will bring together a slew of photographers who have made their mark capturing the intimate, communal and raw experiences shared by those who make up our ever-shifting subcultures. 


In addition to enjoying the creative and carefully curated works on display, attendees will be to learn about the photographs’ political context. Dance Policy (a forward-thinking magazine dedicated to showcasing youth and music culture photography) say: “It’s not enough to chuck vaguely interesting photos on a wall without considering the political history of these subcultures”. 


The launch of the exhibition will be accompanied by Bristol's beloved queer promoters PLU who will soundtrack the opening night, warming the space for attendees to fully immerse themselves in the world captured in the photographs. 

NOODS have also worked with Deya Brewery to create their own unique and delicious IPA which will be available to be purchased on the opening night on Friday 3 February. Featured photographers include Alex Murphy, Bonsoirmatilda, Chris Russell, CONFUSEDCULTURE, Courteney Frisby, f3mal3_gaze, Kauanmm, Dance Policy, resampld and sashaxisis.


Launched in 2016, Noods Radio have featured an array of respected local artists as well as several from further afield across the online and DAB airwaves, showcasing a broad spectrum of genres.


Now home to more than 300 residents and a hub for over 1,000 weekly listeners, Noods has emerged as an integral part of the Bristol music scene and a vital platform for a growing number of DJs and live acts based in the city. More information can be found on the Noods website.

Noods Radio / Dance Policy: ‘Communal Throb’ is a free exhibition from Friday 3 until Sunday 5 February at Centre Space.


Centre Space is a thriving independent and sustainable community arts hub based just off Corn Street. Find out more on the venue's website.

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Stanley Gray

Stan is a born and bred Bristolian, recently graduated from studying English Literature in Sheffield. His passions are music and literature and spends the majority of his time in venues all over the city immersing himself in Bristol’s alternative music scene. A lifelong Bristol City fan, Stan’s Saturday’s are spent watching his team both home and away.