Bristol Light Festival 2023 starts this week

Bristol Light Festival 2023 starts this week

Posted on: 31 Jan 2023

Get ready for a beautiful and captivating experience, as the Bristol Light Festival returns from February 3rd to February 12th, 2023!

This free, public festival will be shining bright in the heart of Bristol, showcasing 11 stunning light-based art installations that are sure to captivate and engage visitors of all ages.

You can step into the enchanting "Continuum," an interactive installation located at the historic Temple Church, and marvel at the 25 mirrored monoliths creating a maze of light and reflection that will take your breath away. Or, be amazed by the internationally renowned artist Marcus Lyall's "Scream the House Down," a large-scale light installation that responds to your voice with a mesmerizing display of illumination.

"Beam," another new artwork, this time by Bristol-based creatives PYTCH, features lasers and haze to create a mesmerizing light sculpture on Castle Bridge. Once you’re done immersing yourself in the haze and gaze up at the lasers crossing above, the nearby LHG Brewpub are offering a special edition festival beer, ‘Bright Beams’, to go with the festival.

Get ready to be surprised and delighted by the "Trumpet Flowers" exhibit at Quakers Friars in Cabot Circus, featuring a forest of towering musical and light instruments that you can play as you move around them. And prepare to be transported to a mythical underwater world with "Sirens," a stunning holographic projection that transforms Bristol’s central harbour into an enchanting world inhabited by supernatural sea creatures and mysterious mermaids, signifying the impact of climate change.

For those seeking more playful experiences, be sure to check out "Swing Song," a popular exhibit from last year’s festival that brings childhood fun to visitors. And let the new, dynamic, interactive installation "Halo" light up and play music in response to your touch – it's the perfect activity for families and little ones.

Before you’re done, don't forget to snap a selfie at the iconic "Alright my Luvver," and “Cheers, Drive” two previous commissions of iconic Bristolian phrases.

This festival offers a truly unique opportunity to explore Bristol in a new light, with each exhibit offering a sensory experience that is truly magical and will leave a lasting impression. So come and experience the enchantment of the Bristol Light Festival for yourself, from February 3rd to February 12th, 2023! Check out their website here to download the map, or keep up to date with news on their Facebook.

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