Pooch and Mutt discount codes for Valentine’s Day

Pooch and Mutt discount codes for Valentine’s Day

Posted on: 01 Feb 2023

An online health food shop for dogs, Pooch & Mutt, is offering some loveable discounts this Valentine’s Day.



AFP1123S2S: 25% OFF £60 SPEND





Pooch and Mutt is a UK-based online store that offers a range of healthy food options for dogs and cats. Their mission is to provide pets with wholesome, natural food that is both nutritious and delicious. Whether you're looking for grain-free options, hypoallergenic food, or low-fat options, Pooch and Mutt has you covered. In addition to their food offerings, the company also offers accessories, such as poo bags.

It really is crucially important to take care of your furry friends, especially when it comes to their diet. Too many people feed their pets low-grade junk food that can be really harmful to their health and growth. With Pooch and Mutt, you can feel confident that you’re providing your pet with the best possible nutrition.

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Pooch and Mutt is offering some amazing discounts on their products! From February 3rd to the 18th, customers can take advantage of four different discount codes, each of which provides a different level of savings. For example, with the code AFP1123S2S, customers can receive 25% off a £60 spend. If you're a new customer, you can use the code AFP112325 to receive 25% off your first purchase. And if you're looking to save on everything, the code AFP112320 gives you 20% off sitewide.

In addition to these amazing discounts, Pooch and Mutt also offers a subscription service, with a “build your own box” option making it a lot easier to keep your pet healthy and happy. With the code AFP1123SUB, you can receive 10% off your first 6 subscriptions.



Wondering what you could get with those discounts? Pooch and Mutt’s main offering is their Hypoallergenic Grain Free Dog Food, which is available in both wet and dry options. This food is perfect for dogs who suffer from food sensitivities or allergies, as it is made without any grains or gluten, and is free from common allergens like wheat, soy, and dairy.

For those who are looking for a tasty treat for their furry friend, Pooch and Mutt also offers a variety of Healthy Natural Treats for Dogs. These treats are made from wholesome, natural ingredients, and are a great way to show your pet some love this Valentine’s.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that Pooch and Mutt also makes cat food! So if you have a feline friend at home, you can ensure that they are eating nutritious, delicious food as well.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a way to show your pet some love this Valentine's Day, consider purchasing some of Pooch and Mutt's amazing products. With their range of healthy food options, accessories, and merchandise, you're sure to find something that your pet will love. And with the amazing discounts they are offering until February 18th, there has never been a better time to make the switch to Pooch and Mutt! Click here to head to their website and check out the range for yourself!

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