What's On: Brew Day at Lost and Grounded

What's On: Brew Day at Lost and Grounded

Posted on: 19 May 2022

Make some noise for one of Bristol’s best breweries at Bristol Craft Beer Festival - running throughout the second weekend of June.


In the lead-up to the Bristol Craft Beer Festival in June, Lost and Grounded Brewers, a beloved Bristol craft-brewery based in St Anne’s, have dedicated themselves to brewing their own rendition of Brave Noise – a beer label dedicated to fighting discrimination in the beer industry.


Brave Noise is a collaborative organisation which was formed in the wake of widespread revelations of discrimination and harassment in the brewing industry – particularly toward women.

Breweries can sign up to help by pledging to publish their code of conduct – at which point they can brew Brave Noise Pale Ale, donating the profits to relevant charities helping to further Brave Noise’s cause – and spreading the word to boot. So far, only nine breweries in the UK have signed up to Brave Noise, and we’re ecstatic to see Lost & Grounded leading the way in Bristol by being the tenth! 


To celebrate brewing Brave Noise, L&G hosted a ‘brew day’ – a celebration of both Brave Noise and L&G while they brewed their twist on Brave Noise (a pale lager).


Guests were received on a sunny Friday in Lost & Grounded’s spacious taproom on Whitby Road, where they were able to sample the brewery’s range of German-style lagers, such as the flagship Keller Pils, and more inventive offerings like the ‘black lager’ Amplify Your Sound. 

Once the beer had been sampled, guests were given a tour of the brewery – large by craft standards. The hosts talked through the process – from “mashing” malted grain, to extracting ‘wort’ (the sugary liquid derived from the grain), and fermenting that wort – all the while carefully controlling temperature and acidity through modern interpretations of classic German & Czech techniques. 


Once the tour – complete with discussions of Lost & Grounded Brewers’ sustainability practices, and interesting trivia  (the word ‘lager’ is derived from the German word for storage) – had concluded, guests retired back to the taproom bar to continue sampling beers, as the staff of Lost & Grounded gave a talk on the importance of Brave Noise and equity movements in brewing were to them.

Brave Noise will be on sale at the Bristol Craft Beer Festival – taking place on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 June. You can learn more about the festival here, more about Brave Noise here, and more about Lost and Grounded Brewers here.


Images: Patrick Bate

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