Augmented reality brings vibrant Bedminster murals to life

Augmented reality brings vibrant Bedminster murals to life

Posted on: 12 Apr 2022

A Bristol-based team has added a new, interactive dimension to the Six Sisters murals, originally completed by a team of female artists in 2021.


Upfest have joined forces with local virtual reality company Zubr to bring Bedminster's iconic Six Sisters murals to life ahead of the Easter holidays.


Bridging the gap between painting and performance, the project allows locals and visitors to explore eye-popping 3D illusions through the use of a specially-created camera filter, accessible via Upfest's Instagram page.


Having gotten underway in 2016, the Six Sisters project was finally completed last year to coincide with International Women's Day 2021.


The vibrant work has since become a landmark in Bedminster, featuring the work of artist and designer Gemma Compton, illustrator Zoe Power, abstract artist Bex Glover, expressive multi-disciplinary artist Sophie Long, prolific street artist Lucas Antics and long-standing Upfest collaborator Ejits.



Speaking on last week's launch of the Six Sisters VR project, Upfest co-founder Stephen Hayles said:


“We’re so proud of the murals that these talented artists have created. It was such an incredible moment to see the final piece finished and to be able to bring a new life and new audiences to come and witness this is just a brilliant thing.”


Miriam Lamnabhi, a Bristol-based graphic designer who worked on the project, added: “Bringing the Bristol Street Art scene closer to residents and tourists through technology has been a lovely and rewarding experience and we’re very proud of the results!”


The interactive augmentation sees the characters and features of the six bold murals come to life, transforming and transfiguring in real-time through a collection of mobile filters.

Six Sisters in Bedminster.

Upfest recently received a huge boost from the Bristol public as the organisers reached a £30,000 fundraising target to keep the festival free-to-access and open to everyone. 


The financial backing means Upfest is confirmed to go ahead with its 2022 edition, taking place on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May.


Head over to Upfest's Instagram page to find out how you can access Zubr's new Six Sisters filters, or visit the festival's website to follow news and updates during the buildup to Upfest 2022.

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