Plant-based Perfection: The very best vegan food on the BARBI App

Plant-based Perfection: The very best vegan food on the BARBI App

Posted on: 21 Apr 2021

Get your hands on some delicious guilt-free grub courtesy of one of Bristol's best-loved vegan spots.


Veganism and cruelty-free diets are more popular than ever in 2021, with a growing number people adopting a plant-based lifestyle across Bristol and beyond for a number of different reasons.


Veteran vegans will know that Bristol has, for a long time, been a hotbed of plant-based eating, home to a vibrant range of vegan restaurants, pop-ups, coffee shops and more.


Whether you're looking to reduce your impact on the environment, aiming to live a healthier lifestyle or simply don't want to eat animals any more, there are plenty of options available when hunger strikes and you're not in the mood to cook. 


Read on for some of the very best vegan kitchens currently available on the BARBI App, a new food delivery platform built by Bristol hospitality, for Bristol hospitality.

A member of the BARBI delivery team in St Nick's Market. Photo: Ruby Walker

Bristol Vegan Pub


Based at The Volunteer Tavern, the Bristol Vegan Pub was launched in late 2020 with a view to providing the people of Bristol with delicious, messy, 100% plant-based fast food.


From monstrous vegan burgers to stacked dirty fries, punchy mac n cheese, freshly-made desserts and, of course, an extensive selection of locally-brewed craft beer and cider, the BVP tick all the boxes when it comes to a proper, no-nonsense takeaway.



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Cafe Kino 


Cafe Kino has become a vital community hub over the years as well as a much-loved cafe, located in the heart of Stokes Croft and home to a homely selection of plant-based drinks, snacks and meals.


After a successful crowdfunding campaign launched at the beginning of the pandemic raised close to £14,000 to secure their future, Cafe Kino now exists as a not-for-profit organisation owned and run by its workers.


The team have spent much of the past year fine-tuning their delivery offering, and you can get your hands on delicious plant-based burgers, sides, sandwiches, sweet treats and much more, available for home delivery or collection on the BARBI App.



Seitan's Kitchen


A fairly recent addition to the BARBI App, BS5 spot Seitan's Kitchen specialise in mouth-watering Southern-fried style cooking, serving up decadent Chick'n burgers, freshly-made milkshakes and a range of American diner-inspired sides.


Of course, everything that comes out of Seitan's Kitchen is 100% plant-based, meaning you can enjoy a meal prepared by the devil himself in the knowledge that no animals were harmed in the process.



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Only Green


Bristol-based CBD supplier, hemp wellness advocates and pop-up kitchen Only Green have become a staple of Stokes Croft's independent business landscape since opening in 2019, offering up a fully plant-based menu for delivery or collection.


Speaking to us last month, owner and operator Ian Curno said "we know each of our products from seed to shelf. Everything we sell we either eat or take ourselves and we know exactly where it has come from."


The kitchen currently serve up fresh all-day breakfast muffins, banana blossom 'fish' tacos, a range of freshly-squeezed juices and more.



The Secret Larder


As the name would suggest, The Secret Larder isn't particularly well-known around central Bristol, but their freshly-made, delightfully moreish vegan doughnuts are certainly worth shouting about. 


Whether's you're a chocolate fiend or fancy something fruitier, The Secret Larder are sure to have something that's right up your street, delivered direct to your door to make working from home that little bit sweeter.


We truly cannot do them justice in a simple written article - order a box and see for yourself, with the cafe open weekly from Tuesday to Sunday.



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Offering commission rates of just 15% per order - down from as much as 35% from leading delivery apps - BARBI are looking to safeguard the future of Bristol's hospitality industry with the BARBI App, ensuring they keep a much larger share of their income.


The BARBI team hope that their new app will loosen the grip that major corporations like Uber and Deliveroo currently have on the industry, with a view to expand to table booking, event ticket sales, discounts and local news features in the future.


As well as reducing fees for businesses, the app is also offering improved wages and rates for delivery riders and drivers at launch. 


To find out more about the BARBI App, to explore the restaurants available right now or to place an order, head to the BARBI website and find download links for both iOS and Android.

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