New Japanese inspired art exhibition at The Arcade in Bristol

New Japanese inspired art exhibition at The Arcade in Bristol

Posted on: 09 Jul 2019

A new exhibition which documents two artists time in Japan takes place at The Arcade in Bristol until 12th July from 11-4pm.

Artists Bianca MacCall and Myles Allanson visually document their time spent in Japan as part of their Tokyo Tales Exhibition. They attempt to build an understanding of the experiences they had while immersed in completely new surroundings. 

Japan inspired art exhibition Bristol

The artwork contrasts in style- Bianca's meticulous and controlled work explores unusual architecture, billboards and buildings on a large scale, while Myles bold and illustrative work is inspired by the smaller aspects of Japan such as sinage, toys, food and fashion.

The trip inspired the artists, introducing them to new ideas and methods of working. The artists hope to give the audience a better understanding of their experience of Japan .


Dates will be the 6th-12th July, and times 11-4pm located in Unit 12, The Arcade, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3JD

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Hannah Moll

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