Avery's to host New World wines masterclass next Wednesday 26th June

Avery's to host New World wines masterclass next Wednesday 26th June

Posted on: 20 Jun 2019

Glasses at the ready everyone. Those bastions of bottles of the fine, fermented grape (that'll be wine, then) at Avery's in Bristol will be holding a masterclass in the very best of New World wines on Wednesday 26th June 2019.

Wine Tasting at Avery's Bristol.

Historically, Averys has a long and reputable history with New World wines - that then being a good ol' drop of plonk from America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa - championing their distinctive, delicious flavours to make them appealing and more accessible to the average wine slurper.


Much of this appeal has, in fact, been created by the countries producing these wines themselves, who now print the grape variety on the label and create a potent, heady blend of powerful, rich and fruity styles.  To this end, eight wines from these regions have been specially selected by Averys, who will take you on a taste-tastic journey that will enlighten, engage and inebriate.


Accompanying the wines will be a selection of scrumptious cheeses from Arch House Deli, which will provide the perfect pairings of food and drink and a deliriously delicious double-act of rich, gutsy, punchy flavours. 


All the information about the wines themselves - the history, the provenance, the influence, the flavours and all that malarkey - will be explained by a wine enthusiast, so you'll be in good, safe hands and leave, not only having eaten and drunk exquisitely well, but also learned a thing or two to boot.


And the great thing about these wine tasting sessions is that they're open to everybody. It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned connoisseur with a cellar packed full of the finest vintage bottles, or simply an enthusiastic novice with a thirst for knowledge and an even thirstier palate. Everyone can listen, be educated, imbibe a glass or two, and come away feeling completely fulfilled and very happy indeed.


And if there are any particular wines that really float your boat, there will be a discount on all the wines sampled on the night including free delivery on any orders of six bottles or more. And who can argue with that?


The New World Cellar Tasting runs from 7pm-9pm. Tickets cost £30 and can be purchased - along with everything else you need to know about Averys here. Averys is located at 9 Culver Street, Bristol, BS1 5LD - contact the team on 0117 300 8333 for more info.

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