May Half-Term at We The Curious in Bristol

May Half-Term at We The Curious in Bristol

Posted on: 22 May 2019

Reducing global warming. Cutting our emissions. Saving the planet. Nary a day goes by without ol' Attenborough warning us of imminent Armageddon or another group of demonstrating student protesters brimming with alfalfa sprouts and rage. We The Curious in Bristol, then, is doing its own bit to help address the problems facing our planet with a series of events and activities during May Half-Term from Saturday 25th May Sunday 2nd June 2019.

We the curious in Bristol

Focusing on the positive actions we can all take to improve the current, problematic state of our planet, the city's hotbed of learning for those of keen and inquisitive mind can take advantage of different workshops looking at this contemporary crisis from different angles.
REWILD Our Planet will combine incredible IMAX-style projections and spacial soundscapes, showcasing the wonders of our world and how we can ensure people and nature co-existing together can continue to flourish.


Protein And The Planet will study the role of protein in our diet and examine the alternatives, such as sushi made from insects (if that's the kind of thing that floats your boat). Change-Makers will focus on pro-active steps and promises to Earth, as well as putting yourselves in the shoes of important and influential people and what you'd do if you yourself could instigate serious, planet-saving change.


Expedition Earth is a live live science show that will usher families on board an imaginary spaceship on an awe-inspiring, intergalactic quest to discover a utopian planet; while Air Detectives will look at exactly what's in the air we breath along with some close-up scrutiny of air pollution data.


Spring Stargazing will take place in the venue's 3D Planetarium (that massively impressive and massively big mirror ball) and hurl you onto Venus' hostile surface to offer a unique look at how our own planet is exponentially changing; and Leviathan's Temple is a stimulating art installation that probes social, environmental, post-industrial change in South West England communities and the Norwegian Arctic Circle.


Topical, thought-provoking, vital and engaging, it's an important and stimulating range of events sure to keep families suitably entertained, concerned and critical of how our planet's currently shaping up.  For more information about this and other events at We The Curious, head here.


We The Curious is located at Anchor Road, Bristol, BS1 5DB.  Tel. 0117 915 1000

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