Street Art: A Crime of Passion by John D'oh at Cass Art from 13th May until 2nd June 2019

Street Art: A Crime of Passion by John D'oh at Cass Art from 13th May until 2nd June 2019

Posted on: 10 May 2019

Arguably, street art is one of the most expressive and effective ways of dealing with a whole range of social, political and environmental issues - and that's exactly what street artist John D'oh does, as evidenced by his exhibition of work at Cass Art in Bristol from Monday 13th May until Sunday 2nd June 2019.


Eschewing many a street art naysayer's dismissal of being simply vandalism, he - such as the likes of Bristol's most (in)famous street art son, Banksy - forges his creations inspired by stories widely covered on the news such as homelessness and the environment. Like all good artists, his aim is to provoke thought, draw attention, consider our position in the world, and to inspire.

John D'oh Bristol

Cass Art's small exhibition will showcase a representative sample of some his most recent pieces, offering another perspective into the medium through the approaches he takes and mediums he uses through sculptures and images. Contemporary, quirky and controversial, John D'oh is a bona fide member of the street art tradition but also a unique, somewhat different contributor to it.


He'll be signing a copy of his book on street art and graffiti at the event's opening. Exhibition times are from 10am until 6pm, and it's a free event. You can find out more about John D'oh here and popular art accessories emporium Cass Art here.


Cass Art is located at 43-45 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5NL.  Tel. 020 3666 0611

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