It's that time of year again - is saving more money one of your resolutions in 2019?

It's that time of year again - is saving more money one of your resolutions in 2019?

Posted on: 07 Jan 2019

2019 is finally here, and with it comes an opportunity to start anew and make important changes to our lives. A lot of us will be blowing the dust off that gym membership card we haven't used since August, some will be committing to an alcohol-free January and others might have decided to make changes to their diet. One part of our lives that we rarely discuss with each other though, is our money-saving habits. Are you one of the thousands of Britons hoping to put more money away in 2019?


Saving money is, of course, a popular resolution for people to opt for after some heavy spending over Christmas period. New research conducted by online lender Sunny has found that this may well be a good option for the people of Bristol, as it's been revealed that just under a third of the city has less than £1000 put away in savings. 


Bristol ranks 11th in the table of average UK savings per person per month in the UK, with London unsurprisingly topping the charts at an average of £215.59 saved per person per month compared to an average of £124.23 put away by Bristolians.


So how can you improve your saving and start putting away some extra cash for a rainy day? This infographic produced by Sunny showcases the UK's saving habits and includes some details on how the rest of the country manages to store more money away than those of us in the Westcountry.

Are you a savvy saver
Provided by Sunny Loans

Sunny's research of over 1,000 people found that 59% of people currently save money regularly or as much as they can, while only 5% aren't saving anything and never have. Worryingly, 38% of the UK have less than £1,000 in savings, leaving them vulnerable should they be faced with unexpected financial difficulties.


Overall, 88% of those who took part have saved money in some shape or form at some point, however one in 20 believed that life was simply too short to put money to one side.


If you're looking to start saving more money and want to make your finances go further, now's the best time to start as we ring in the new year and look ahead to 2019. So set yourself goals now and try your best - you might be surprised at how much you could save this year!


For more information on Sunny or to find out how you can improve your saving habits, visit their Savvy Saver webpage or check out their Facebook page for more.

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