Huge Northern Soul night set for Faraway Cocktail Club this Saturday 3rd November!

Huge Northern Soul night set for Faraway Cocktail Club this Saturday 3rd November!

Posted on: 31 Oct 2018

As one of the stand-out musical movements of the 1960s, Northern Soul has become a part of British musical history in the years since. The genre is well overdue a revival, and Faraway Cocktail Club are more than happy to play their part - don't miss their Northern Soul night with DJ Freddie Sandwich on Saturday 3rd November!

Northern Soul at Faraway Cocktail Club.

Originating in Northern England in the late 60s from the British mod scene, Northern Soul is based on a particular style of American Soul music, characterised by a heavy beat and fast tempo - usually at 100bpm and above. 


The movement echoes Motown music that had significant mainstream success, and the most sought-after records from the era are often those by small American labels like Ric-Tic and AMG Records (both from Cincinnati), Golden World Records from Detroit, Mirwood from Los Angeles and many more.


Curated by Brighton-based Northern Soul aficionado Freddie Sandwich, don't miss Faraway Cocktail Club and Chateau Fete's Northern Soul party on Saturday 3rd November, with tickets on sale now!


Tickets for Northern Soul at Faraway Cocktail Club are on sale now at just £3 per person and can be found here. For more information on the venue or to see what else is coming up this month, check out their Facebook page.

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