The best places to visit for Pancake Day in Bristol

The best places to visit for Pancake Day in Bristol

Posted on: 08 Feb 2018

February, we welcome you with open arms. The painfully slow end of January has finally come around and with Christmas and New Year’s Eve well in the past, it’s time to celebrate what is arguably the best day of the year… and no, it's not Valentine’s Day.


That’s right folks! Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day falls on February 13th during which, many of you will be making your own from home, attempting to flip them in the pan and failing miserably (or not). But for the others who have no culinary skills whatsoever, fancy a nice meal out, or simply can’t be bothered to make them; look no further as we’ve compiled a list of some flippin’ delicious places to get pancakes in Bristol.



Rocotillos Pancakes in BristolServing American-style short stack pancakes since 1993, Rocotillos have enough genuine maple syrup to “sink a ship”, so rest assure that they have got your gluttonous needs covered. With tons of options such as berries, choc chip, bacon and more, you need to check them out! They have just opened a new place on Gloucester Road, as well as their Clifton establishment.  



Crepeaffaire in BristolEverybody loves a crepe. The thinner sisters of the scotch pancake, pretty much every kind food can go inside them and always taste amazing. This establishment are masters of such, and have many fillings from sweet to savoury. 


The Parlour 

Pancakes at The Parlour in BristolThe Parlour located on Cheltenham Road, have released a mega menu especially for the day. With mouth-watering names like Oreo Insanity Pancake, Jammy Doughnut Stack and Brownie Attack, you know your taste buds are in for something wild! Booking is required to garuntee a spot, click here for more info.


Spicer + Cole

Pancakes at Spicer+Cole in BristolA Bristol favourite, Spicer + Cole will be offering pancake specials in their 3 cafes all day (Gloucester Road, Clifton Village and Queen Square). Expect American pancake stacks with either smoked crispy bacon and maple syrup or with Greek yoghurt & seasonal compote, their pancakes can be vegan too, which gets a huge thumbs up from us. 


The Cowshed

Pancakes at The Cowshed in BristolClifton’s infamous restaurant The Cowshed will be serving pancakes all day, with speciality fillings including; peanut butter and jam, Nutella, condensed milk, salted caramel and the classics- lemon and sugar and Maple syrup.



Okonomiyaki pancake from Tsukemono in BristolThis Japanese pop-up at The Robin Hood pub have a totally different type of pancake on offer. For those seeking interesting new flavours and something savoury, why not try their Okonomiyaki pancake. It’s made with simple batter, savoy cabbage and grated waisan and It’s quickly become a winner on their menu. 


The Lounge Bedminster and Tinto Lounge Horfield 

Pancakes at The Lounge(s) in BristolThe original and still the best, Bedminster’s Lounge is the café from which the Loungers chain (which now operates dozens of joints up and down the country) sprung forth. Their sister restaurant resides in Horfield on Gloucester Road and they also have places in Fishponds, Totterdown and Westbury-onTrym. It was here that the name for their famedbuttermilk pancakes was born: really airy and delicious, they suit perfectly either the fruit or bacon and maple syrup with which they are served.


Joe's Bakery 

Pancakes at Joe's Bakery in BristolThis award-winning little bakery is a favourite of folk around the Gloucester road area. It has been in daily production for over 130 years and might just be the oldest working bakery in Bristol. It has all the charm of those bakeries you remember as a child, simple, inviting and utterly delicious. Everything is baked fresh every day. There’s no inside seating but word on the street is that they are making pancakes to mark the occasion! No doubt people will be flocking to have them.


The Ivy Clifton Brasserie

The Ivy are offering their famous buttermilk pancakes all day until close.



Pancakes at Kaspa's in BristolA place dedicated to all-things dessert! Kaspa’s pancakes are drizzled and filled with all-sorts of yumminess.



Pancakes at Coco's in BristolThis Stapelton Road dessert diner, are pro’s of the pancake. A must visit to feed your sweet tooth!









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