Rhys from Goldie Lookin Chain - Grillstock Bristol Preview

Rhys from Goldie Lookin Chain - Grillstock Bristol Preview

Posted on: 03 May 2017

Safe...Rhys from GLC gave us a few moments of his time ahead of their performance at Bristol's Grillstock this summer. Music, cornershops and the upcoming performance on Sunday 2nd July's Main Stage are all covered.


From the mean streets of The 'Port, GLC raced to the top of the charts and into our hearts more than a decade ago. Veterans of Grillstocks's Main Stage, they're back for 2017 and the only thing sharper than the shellsuits are the lyrics. Rhys, Eggsy and the rest of the crew will take the trip across the Severn Bridge for a day full of meat, music and mayhem.

Rhys - GLC

It was only right that we got Rhys, the main man himself, to put up with a few questions of ours before the big day and churn out some responses between sips of his flat white (cans out of a Tesco bag)...


You’re back at Grillstock – what can we expect from GLC on the day?

We can't wait to be back at Grillstock. We wanted to get a cannon that fired meat over the audience but health and safety have put a stop to that... 

Hopefully this year we can take part in the chilli eating competition, though that may result in firing something else on the crowd.


Any favourite memories from your last time at the festival?

Last time we played we broke the sound system so we are going to see if we can get a power outage going for most of Bristol this time. We also had a well safe time hanging out with the Chuckle Brothers who were back stage. Apparently Timmy Mallet is down this year, he loves pulled pork and lives in Shepton Mallet, which is well close.

Rhys from Goldie Lookin Chain - Grillstock Bristol Preview

What do you have going on right now – any new work to look out for?

We are working on a new album which is well safe, we have a bunch of tunes and are trying to work out which ones to put on. Graham the Bear has been trying to make us write a song about a stag do for 10 years. All I'm going to say is we won't have a song about a stag do on there.


Where can people see GLC live other than Grillstock?

We are doing a few shows but hope to tour the new album next year playing the whole thing plus some GLC classics. We are also doing a new show called Legends of GLC with Eggsy, Rhys from GLC and DJ Killer Tom. It's 2 turn tables, scratch and video projections. It's kind of hi-tec and lo-tec at the same time.


What is it about Bristol that makes it ‘Safe As...’?

Bristol is the last bastion of civilisation before you hit Wales, it's well safe. They have a zoo and used to have some awesome independent shops. Nowadays it's all about the free party scene so Adam Hussain tells me. 


What is your favourite item to purchase from the Baneswell Express?

The Banesewell Express sell a thing called All Day Breakfast In A Can. Basically it's all mashed up pet food disguised as a cooked breakfast...it's lush. A few years ago the place got done for selling booze after hours and they read out the lyrics to our rap in court, we felt proper bad about that for a bit.

GLC at The Baneswell Express

What is your favourite road in South Wales?

The A470 is a big road in Wales; probably the best next to the M4. The A470 will take you south to north and on bits of it you can get up to at least 65 miles an hour unless you get stuck behind a farmer.


How do the people of Bristol keep up to date with all things GLC? 

Get involved on the Facebook and Twitter or our website youknowsit.co.uk...when we can be bothered to update it.


Grillstock, Bristol’s own celebration of meat, music and mayhem, is to return to the Lloyd’s Amphitheatre over the weekend of July 1st and 2nd next year; guarantee yourself a spot amongst it all by grabbing a ticket here.

Goldie Lookin Chain - Grillstock Bristol Preview

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