St Werburghs City Farm’s Summer Fair is returning next month

St Werburghs City Farm’s Summer Fair is returning next month

Posted on: 09 May 2024

St Werburghs City Farm have announced the return of their annual summer fair at the start of next month, with a programme full of food, music, and entertainment – all to raise funds for the operation of the farm.


St Werburghs is one of Bristol’s two ‘city farms’ (the other being Windmill Hill) – spaces where urban residents can get back to the earth by reconnecting with agriculture and livestock, with everything from polytunnel growing to keeping goats.


With the summer months approaching, and hot weather blossoming in from the blue skies, that means one thing for St Werburghs City Farm – their annual summer fair! Every year, the city farm celebrates the summer, just as farming communities may once have. After all, summer is a time of harvest and plenty, as the sun shines down and fills plants and animals alike with new growth.



St Werburghs City Farm’s Summer Fair is on next month, Saturday 8 June.


The city farm don’t take such celebrations lightly, clearly – as they have plenty going on to entertain fairgoers! First of all, it’s worth noting, going to the fair means entering St Werburghs’ wonderful green spaces, from the farm itself to the Boiling Wells woodland, there’s plenty to explore. Don’t forget too, that while it may not be part of the farm proper, the Narroways Nature Reserve is just nearby – perfect for wildlife-spotting and views over the city.


All that gorgeous scenery will be filled up by a programme of live music and entertainment, with acts throughout the day including blues and roots duo Ten Pence Moon, singer-songwriter Yasmin Kabbara-Dolby (who has sung live on stage with Lewis Capaldi), and what’s sure to be a vibrant and explosive performance from Bristol Samba. That’s just a fraction of what’s going on, though, so head to the event page to see more.



On top of that, of course, there will be plenty of food opportunities – this is a farm, after all! Speaking of which, it’s worth noting – the Summer Fair isn’t just a lot of fun, it’s also a crucial fundraiser for this vital community resource. Tickets come in different tiers of affordability, but make sure you support the farm best you can!


St Werburghs City Farm’s Summer Fair takes place this Saturday, 8 June. For tickets and more info, go to the Headfirst page.

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