Bank Holiday Breakdown: Clubnights

Bank Holiday Breakdown: Clubnights

Posted on: 27 Mar 2024

With the Bank Holiday on the way this very weekend, we’ve put together a guide to the best you can expect from the Easter Weekend clubnights.

Ah, banks. To some, a symbol of safety, prosperity, and the backbone of our economy. To others, an enclave of greedy oligarchs manipulating the flow of wealth to greater hoard it at the expense of others, whilst brandishing a dead man’s switch wired to the economy to defend themselves.

Either way, it can be nice to have a holiday from banks for a while – a bank holiday if you will. That isn’t really what a bank holiday is, but forget all that; you’ve got a four-day weekend and you need to fill it.

With all the workless mornings, it’s the perfect time to party into the night - so here’s our breakdown of the best bank holiday clubnights.



Club Blanco: John Talbot  - Strange Brew

Kicking things off with a big one, Strange Brew are celebrating the bank holiday with champion Catalan DJ John Talbot (aka Oriol Riverola). This instinct-driven, open-minded DJ keeps the psychedelic house & electronic cuts flowing free – not one to miss.

The Eco-System - Take Five Cafe

Tek, Jungle & Hard Trance for a good cause. Get your body moving and your heart swelling with this Take 5 Cafe night where a tree will be planted for every five tickets sold, thanks to chosen charity Ripple Africa.

Goldman Trax: Paradise Garage III  - Cosies

A beautiful homage to an icon of queer past – New York’s Paradise Disco. Embodying both a celebratory, safe space for “all the mothers’ children: the straight ones, the freaks, everybody in between.” - and a joyous disco and funk madhouse with international maestro Tim Spencer.



CROTCH - Strange Brew

Flagship queer party-starters CROTCH are returning to the Brew for a classic genre-bending night of fantastic jams. Starting with a series of performances spanning grime, synthwave, folk and punk, the night leads into a wall-and-booty-shaking Techno, Garage and House night.

The Weekender: Saturday x Teachings in Dub - Trinity Centre

A night of legends, from dubstep pioneer RSD to “Dancehall Godfather” and 70s/80s legend Johnny Osbourne – the very best in roots and dubwise at Trinity for the bank holiday Saturday!

A trip down Letsbe Avenue - Loco Klub

A piece of Boomtown Fair comes to Bristol! Boomtown’s Letsbe Avenue will occupy Loco Klub with a backing of happy hardcore, donk and everything speedy: Follow the news with The Daily Rag, get a severe talking to from Boomtown Bobbies or become bewildered at The Inconvenience Store. Send mail with Postal Posse, make some dodgy deals at Soaproanos Laundrette, talk money with Rich Goldman.



Eighties Things: The Stranger Things 80s Party - Thekla

If you’re more into nostalgia & pop than breakbeat & house, this party is the perfect place to boogie to the hits of yesteryear, from Kate Bush to The Smiths, & the Human League to ABBA. 80s and Stranger Things fancy dress encouraged!

Western Lore: The Bank Holiday Special - Cloak

Western Lore is a jungle & rave night spearheaded by Dead Man’s Chest – bringing truly new and fresh cuts to give you a mystic insight into DJ future, hosted by the groovy, fast-growing Cloak. To hear more about Cloak and Western Lore, check out our interview here.

La Bomba w/ Carlos René - Lost Horizon

Mexico City disc jockey and beloved NTS host Carlos René brings his mind-spinning rare gems and deep cuts, with tracks hailing from Latin America, Africa & beyond: cumbia, Latin funk, Mexican garage rock & psych, boogaloo, and who knows what else!

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