World Pizza Day is tomorrow – here’s Bristol’s 10 best pizzas

World Pizza Day is tomorrow – here’s Bristol’s 10 best pizzas

Posted on: 08 Feb 2024

Tomorrow, Friday 9 February, is World Pizza Day! Let’s celebrate with ten of the best pizzas in all of Bristol.

Ah, pizza – a culinary bond across the world from traditional Neapolitan pizza alta to crispy Roman pizza bassa – all the way to Chicago deep dish and by-the-slice NY pizza.

Bread, tomato, and cheese – three simple ingredients that conceal a world of flavour and texture that unites both the Old World and the New with its constituent parts; three parts that form an unassailable triangle. After all, what shape is stronger than the triangle – and what triangle is more recognisable than a pizza slice?

Tomorrow, Friday the 9th of February, is World Pizza Day – and we owe it to pizza to celebrate. So, we’ve put together a list of our 10 favourite pizza places across Bristol (in no particular order). Buon appetito!


1. Taste of Napoli

For a great lunch option for pizza, look no further. Taste of Napoli is an authentic, family-run Neapolitan cafe and restaurant smack dab in the middle of town. Alongside other Italian treats like gelato, coffee and sfogliatella, they obviously do Neapolitan pizza alta by the rectangular slice – perfect for midday snacking!

2. A capella

A great pizza option for those in South Bristol, Totterdown’s A capella is a pizza legend for those in the know.

Marked by the UK Pizza & Pasta association as one of the 6 BEST independent pizzerias in the whole of the UK, A capella is another Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant with integrity at its heart.

3. Bertha’s Pizza

Bertha’s is a Berlin-cool pizza joint with some seriously idiosyncratic pizza. Using signature sourdough pizza dough, they fire their pizzas in the oven their restaurant is named for at a mighty 500 degrees for a mere 60 seconds – resulting in a seriously tasty, crisp pizza.

4. Pizzucci

New kid on the block Pizzucci might grab your attention for their poppy, pulpy branding – but they’ll keep it for their top-quality pizza.

With sizes that go up to 16”, this is a great option for proper drunk-food inner-city pizza with the quality dialed up to 11.

5. Bella Vista

Bella Vista is an Italian phrase translating to “beautiful view” – which is definitely appropriate, considering this Italian restaurant sits high up on the riverfront, next to historic Bristol Bridge, overlooking Castle Park. Head to this one in summer for a gorgeous al fresco experience!

6. La Campagnuola

Tucked away on Zetland Road, La Campagnuola is a slice of Sicily in Bristol. Open since 1980 (that’s 40 years, fact fans!), La Campaguola is a real veteran restaurant – with longevity that proves the quality of its food & atmosphere.

7. Pizzarova

Wherever you are in Bristol, you should be able to find a Pizzarova. Despite being a Bristol-only outfit, Pizzarova has spread across Gloucester Road, Park Street, North Street and Whiteladies Road; and no small wonder, with pizza like theirs – including great vegan and veggie options.

8. Pepenero

You may not have noticed Pepenero’s city centre location before – because it’s based out of King St’s underground hopped wonderland, Beer Emporium. If you’re looking for something big, Pepenero provide a 20” pizza to share – or just to wolf down yourself.

Don’t let the fact that it’s not a dedicated restaurant fool you – this is good pizza (and perfect with beer).

9. Beerd

Up in Kingsdown, Beerd are another great craft beer and pizza combo. This warm, no-nonsense eatery has been running since 2009, and bringing people together since. They’ve also recently launched a whole new vegan menu – Treebeerd. We gave a rundown of the first selection of Treebeerd pizzas not long ago – check out our article to find your new favourite.

10. Left-Handed Giant

Finally in the trio of beer-and-pizza winners, Bella Vista’s neighbour on the river, Left-Handed Giant, are another craft beer champ in Bristol – who also have their own internal pizza restaurant, Pizza is Lovely. This really brings a lot of the best points of these options together – easy access, great pizza, beautiful view, and beautiful beer.

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