Uncover the secrets of Bristol in the new Weird Bristol book

Uncover the secrets of Bristol in the new Weird Bristol book

Posted on: 21 Nov 2023

The third installment of the Weird Bristol book compilations has been released – just in time for Christmas.


Weird Bristol is a cult favourite Twitter account in Bristol – run by author Charlie Revelle-Smith, Weird Bristol highlights all the hidden history and weird facts that you may not know about our fair city. We spoke to Charlie last week ahead of the release of his new book, so check out our interview to learn more about Weird Bristol.


Now, that book is out – Further Weird Bristol is the third compilation of Weird Bristol, recontextualised as a city walking guide.



Describing the books, Charlie said “All three are based around walks you can do around Bristol... they give you details about something interesting that happened there, or a peculiar feature of the building. Of course, you don’t have to go on the walks – you can just dip in and out of them as you see fit.”


All of the Weird Bristol books are a great read, regardless of if you’re a newbie to Bristol or an old Bristolian – but this is an edition with special meaning behind it. With the writing and release of the book already interrupted by the pandemic, Revelle-Smith also had a struggle with alcoholism that saw him end up in the hospital.

Thankfully, he overcame this difficult period, and is prouder of his work than ever. “It seems that I had an extremely close call, but I have managed to triumph over it, which is the way that I’m looking at it.”, Revelle-Smith said. “It feels like an achievement of this life-changing event and getting myself back on track and saying 'Yes, I can still write. I can still do this.' I’m very proud of it, probably more so than my other books.”


Further Weird Bristol is available now via Amazon. You can find Weird Bristol on Twitter, and for more information about Charlie, check out his website.

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