In pictures: Love Saves The Day 2023

In pictures: Love Saves The Day 2023

Posted on: 31 May 2023

With one of the biggest festivals of Bristol's summer calendar now drawn to a close, we're taking a look back on Love Saves the Day - with ten of our favourite pictures.

Love Saves the Day is one of Bristol's most famous festivals - taking place in the sunny months, it brings a tasty mix of genres and music to get everyone in the partying mood, along with big-budget stages and immersive theatre, it's one of the most fun ways to spend a festival weekend in Bristol. With this year's edition now drawing to a close, we're looking back on last weekend with ten of our favourite pictures. Can't spot yourself? Look out on our Facebook for the full album of photos.

1. Welcome to Love Saves the Day

With the sun beaming down on Ashton Court, a perfect weekend was prepared for a perfect festival. People in their party gear turned out in droves, filling the park with festival cheer - ready to enjoy the tunes and spectacle blasting out of stages like Brouhaha, and drop in on fairground attractions like the beloved Helter-Skelter.

2. The Sign

The iconic Love Saves the Day sign was on full display, with festival-goers eager to get their own brief moment in the sun (just kidding, the sunshine was anything but brief) as they lounged and posed with the name of the festival, and a piece of wisdom: "Love Saves the Day"!

3. Twisted Theatre

It wouldn't be Love Saves the Day without the silly fun of Twisted Theatre's immersive antics - their signature Grannies were on out in force this week, with ping-pong bats at the ready, the tattoo parlour up and running, and a special screening to make sure no one too "Conservative" got in. Got into where, you ask? Well...

4. The Ball Pit

As always, Twisted Theatre had their top-secret bonus venue running behind the facade of their theatrical games - a whole tent with its own DJs, dedicated to groovy tunes with a real ball pit for frolicking in, a stage with lifeguard performers, and nothing but good vibes. 

5. Lifeguards Living It Up

The lifeguards were on top form this weekend, busting out the grooviest of moves and pulling the sharpest shapes - all the while looking out for dreaded shoes in the ballpit and keeping everyone having a safe but bombastic time.

6. This Guy

We aren't sure who this guy is. We don't want to know, frankly.

7. Kelis

One of the first acts to truly kick off the main stage was absolute 90s icon Kelis - singer of the legendary 'Milkshake'. She was on top form as she wove the crowd in around her beloved singles and album classics - all the while pulling impressive moves in front of her mononymous background. Fun fact: Kelis is a Cordon Bleu-trained saucier, has released a a cookbook, and previously ran her own food truck at SXSW.

8. Funfair Fun

Love Saves the Day is renowned for having more than just music to entertain you. In addition to the aforementioned Helter Skelter, the very-popular flying chairs were running - not just providing an exhilirating and nostalgiac thrill, but giving you a beautiful view over the whole festival.

9. Fatboy Slim

Norman Cook, the big beat pioneer and all-round music legend better known as Fatboy Slim, was living up to his reputation on the Main Stage at the end of Saturday night. Bringing his impressive back catalogue of songs alongside all the big hits, Cook drove the energy of the crowd into the sky as varied visuals played behind him - including a digital Christopher Walken from the now-famous music video for his hit 'Weapon of Choice'.

10. A Night to Remember

Love Saves the Day was a success as always - but it's important to forget that when the sun sets, the party doesn't stop. The audience and performers were driving the energy up and up all the way to the very end, with plenty of festival-goers no doubt on their way to the after-parties, official or not. Thanks for the memories, Love Saves!

Images: Patrick Bate

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