Local legends to accompany debut single release with night of funk

Local legends to accompany debut single release with night of funk

Posted on: 30 May 2023

Contagious funk peddlers Stone Cold Hustle have announced that the band will be releasing their highly anticipated debut single on June 10th – and to celebrate this milestone, they will be performing a special gig on the same night.

Stone Cold Hustle are a popular mainstay of the Bristol funk scene – with shows and fans in every corner, from The Canteen to Mr Wolfs - who are releasing their much-anticipated debut single.

The band came together in early 2022 when The Canteen approached the saxophone player from The LBJBs to host another funk jam session after The Left Bank closed during the pandemic.

Two former members of The LBJBs joined forces with other talented funk musicians from various corners of the local music scene, forming Stone Cold Hustle.

Over the past year, the band has meticulously crafted an intense and groovy live set that never fails to entertain, regularly performing at The Canteen on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

Their energetic performances have garnered a strong following, with one audience member allegedly quoted as saying, "You lot had no right to go that hard on a Tuesday!"

Stone Cold Hustle's popularity has soared, as they recently packed out The Canteen and then sold out Mr Wolfs just three days later. Many fans who witnessed their electric shows at The Canteen are eager to pay to see them again.

As the countdown to the release of their debut single begins, Stone Cold Hustle invites you to join them on June 10th at The Lanes for an unforgettable night of funk-infused music.

The same night, after the gig, the June edition of Late Night Funk Club will be taking place – making for a perfect double whammy of funky vibes to get down to all night.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience their captivating sound firsthand – get your tickets on Headfirst, and look out for the band’s debut single on their Facebook.

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