Great Bristol Run signup ends tomorrow

Great Bristol Run signup ends tomorrow

Posted on: 23 Sep 2022

The Great Bristol Run is this weekend – and it’s your last chance to sign up.


The Great Bristol Run is an annual tradition in the city – a 10.5k marathon throughout the streets of our beloved city, all alongside a nation of other ‘great runs’.


The run starts and ends in the heart of Bristol, following the river as runners flow through the streets like the lifeblood in the city’s metaphorical veins, ending at a grandstand on Anchor Road.



This year's Great Bristol Run takes place on Sunday 25th September – this weekend! The Great Family run is all sold out, but places on the original Great Bristol Run are still open, and will be until tomorrow, Saturday the 24th, at 10am.


That means you have until then to sign up via the “Let’s Do This” website!


The run starts at 9:30am, but the organisers also offer a half marathon starting at 10:30am for those willing to go the extra mile - literally!



According to the Great Run stats, Bristol runners are (on average) the fastest runners across the whole series of Great Run events nationally – which isnot only a mark of pride for the city, but also means that if you do well, you could be among the fastest runners in the country - or even the very fastest.


Of course, it’s not all about speed or what place you finish – this is a community event, worth joining for the sense of camaraderie and fellowship alone. Plus, this year boasts new on-course entertainment zones, making this not just a worthy challenge, but a fun day out too.


To reiterate, the run is taking place this weekend, Sunday the 25th of September (25/09/22, for you short-date fans), beginning at 9:30am. You can book your place until TOMORROW MORNING at their website here. Tickets are £34.

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