Bristol Fringe Festival - the Final Week Highlights

Bristol Fringe Festival - the Final Week Highlights

Posted on: 24 Jul 2022

The month-long, inaugural Bristol Fringe Festival is – sadly – coming to an end. We are in its final week – but there’s still plenty of performance punch left for you to take advantage of.

If you haven’t been following our coverage of the festival thus far, now’s the time to sit up and pay attention – it’s your last chance to get involved with the historical debut of Bristol’s next big cultural event.

You can head to their website now to get stuck, but if you still feel lost amongst the plethora of performance the Fringe Festival offers, read on – we’ve got a list of this final week’s highlights.


Monday 25th: Jazz Police – The Cloak & Dagger, 20:00

This eclectic group of fun-loving improvisers specialise in American-style longform improv comedy. They don’t just have the best name in the biz – they’ve got the best skills too!

Tickets are £5 and on Headfirst.


Tuesday 26th: Comedy Below with The Death Hilarious – The Ill Repute, 20:00

An evening of standup capped off by dark, cerebral Welsh sketch comedy group The Death Hilarious; There’ll be Creole exorcists, apelike weirdos and a sex robot.

While you’re there, you can soak in the rock-and-roll Americana atmosphere of the Ill Repute, and enjoy their extensive range of craft beers, and highly-lauded Tex-Mex food.

Tickets are only £3, and can be bought through Headfirst.


Wednesday 27th: TA DA: The Ramblings of a Magician – Crafty Egg Fishponds, 19:00

Sam King’s heady mix of magic and comedy that weaves between the funny, the astounding, and the existential – winner of Best Magic Adelaide Fringe 2022. A great choice for those in Fishponds who want a local venue to enjoy the Fringe from!

Tickets are £10 and are also available through Headfirst.


Thursday 28th: PLAYING GOD – The Loco Klub, 20:00

A show by Meg Pickup and Serafina Kiszko following the responsibility-eschewing Meg’s life of sex,drugs and alcohol – a life that is thrown sharply into question following the death of her mother.

Tickets are £10 – get them through Headfirst as usual.


Friday 29th: Rocky Horror: Immersive Cinema Experience – The Cloak & Dagger, 19:00

Immersive screening of the original gender-bending musical singalong flick that aroused a cultural phenomena through the stiff 70s and beyond. Complete with drag-tacular performances of your favourites like ‘Dammit Janet’, ‘Sweet Transvestite’ and more!

Tickets are £10, and can be purchased here.


Saturday 30th: The Inaugural Post-Pride Homonormativity Cleansing – The Cube, 19:00

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (everyone’s favourite clandestine worldwide order of Queer Nuns) are hosting this post-pride recalibration to cleanse out the toxic parts of pride – including corporate (shudder) sponsorship – all celebrating the opening of Outspace, Bristol’s community centre for radical queer care.

Expect a colourful explosion of activities and events including Disco Bootcamp, the Tree of Truly Kinky Intentions, and a live recording of comedy podcast Call My Queer Bluff.

Tickets are £15 (all of which goes toward Outspace), and are available through Headfirst.


Sunday 31st: Leena Norms: Bargain Bin Rom-Com – The Trinity Centre, 14:00

Relax into the end of the Bristol Fringe during the day as Leena Norms, a brilliant poet, writer & YouTuber, performs her first collection of poems, Bargain Bin Rom-Com.

Tickets are “pay what you can” with options for £5, £8 and £11, are can be purchased through the Trinity Centre’s website.




And that’s it! Well, not exactly. There are dozens of other events going on this last week for you to get involved with – all on the Fringe Festival’s website, Facebook, and on Headfirst.

Watch this space folks – the Bristol Fringe Festival will be back next year, and will be even bigger, louder, and funnier than before.

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