What Bristol's music venues are listening to under lockdown: The Exchange

What Bristol's music venues are listening to under lockdown: The Exchange

Posted on: 15 Apr 2020

It's a tough time for the city's events and entertainment industry.


In Bristol, we're used to a busy and vibrant events schedule, with gigs taking place almost every night of the week.  


For now, though, the city's live music venues and event spaces have closed their doors, keeping people safe amid the coronavirus outbreak.


But that doesn't mean they're not keeping busy behind the scenes.


In this series, 365Bristol finds out music Bristol's music venues are listening to in lockdown.


Last week, we spoke with Lor, The Louisiana's Artist Booker.


Fittingly, she's been listening to tunes like 'How Did This Happen!?' by BODEGA and 'Loner Boogie' by Boy Azooga.


This time, we catch up with Iwan Best, The Exchange's Venue Manager.

Source: The Exchange on Facebook

Located in Old Market, The Exchange is another leading live music venue in Bristol, which opened in August 2012.


Alongside its two live music spaces, The Exchange is home to a coffee shop and vegan kitchen.


And there's more: upstairs, it houses Bristol's Specialist Subject Record Shop, Joe's Garage Recording Studio and Active Distribution. 


It's a community hub, which in January 2019, became a Community Benefit Society. The venue is now owned and operated by its 400+ investors.

In March, The Exchange were awarded a National Lottery Project Grant from Arts Council England.


The grant will allow the venue to do several things, such as install new PA equipment in both live rooms. 

Specialist Subject Records open at The Exchange

So, what has The Exchange been listening to under lockdown?


"We've been mainly listening to each other's bands to make up for not being able to see each other," Iwan explained when we spoke last week.


"Cosmit's EP (featuring Max and Erica who work on the bar, and Kay who runs Specialist Subject Records) came out on Bandcamp today."


"I'm still really loving the new Toodles EP," he added.


Toodles & the Hectic Pity is folk-punk three-piece, comprised of Max (who works on The Exchange's bar) Callum (who works in the café) and Dom. 

Want to support The Exchange in these uncertain times?


They've got a Support Us page on their website, where you can buy a t-shirt or a record, grab a gift voucher or become a member.

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