8 ways to maximise your chances of securing Glastonbury tickets

8 ways to maximise your chances of securing Glastonbury tickets

Posted on: 02 Oct 2019

The annual mad rush for Glastonbury tickets is almost upon us: coach package tickets go on sale tomorrow evening! 

Want to maximise your chances of locking down tickets? Here's eight ways to bag your spot at next year's 50th-anniversary event. 

Coach Packages for Glastonbury 2020 go on sale at 18:00 tomorrow, Thursday 3 October. The full sale begins at 9:00 on Sunday 6 October. Get yours here. 

For more information on Glastonbury Festival, respond to their Facebook event listing or visit the website.

How to maximise your chances of bagging Glasto 2020 tickets

1) Make sure you're registered


This is an obvious one, but if you've forgotten about it, then we're afraid you're out of luck. There's no room for late registrations; so if you forgot, didn't get round to registering or somehow didn't know about it until now, you'll have to wait until 2021.


2) Team up


With up to six spaces available per transaction, it makes sense to get a group of your mates together and try it at the same time for two reasons. One is that there is absolutely no point getting through the famously busy booking process just to buy one ticket when you could have got them for yourself and five more people. Second, if you've got six people trying for tickets, that multiplies your chances of success by - you guessed it - six.


If you've already got a group sorted and want to take this even further, join forces with other people who you know are in groups, and set up a system: if one gets through and bags their tickets, get them to start trying for your group, and vice versa.

Set your alarms! Tickets go on sale 3 October 2019

3) Make sure you and your mates have details ready


There's nothing worse than getting through to the booking page for Glastonbury tickets to find one or two people haven't sent you their registration details and you're forced to leave them behind.


Once that page loads up it's only a matter of time before it crashes - or the tickets sell out - so make sure you and your group(s) have confirmed their details in a group chat the night before tickets go on sale.


4) Set multiple alarms


Another obvious one, but don't go sleeping in on the morning of the ticket sales. On Sunday, set an alarm for 8:00, set another one for ten past, set another for half-past - even set another one on a separate alarm clock in case your phone runs out of battery.


It seems like overkill, but if you wake up at 10:30 with twenty messages from your mates asking where you are, you'll only have yourself to blame.

Set your alarms! Tickets go on sale 3 October 2019

5) Try with multiple devices


There's no limit as to how many devices you can use on one internet connection; so open your laptop, get your phone ready and dust off that old first-gen iPad. More devices mean a higher chance of getting through! 


6) Use multiple browsers


On the same note, multiple tabs probably won't help you, but if you download a few different browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari), you'll be able to load the waiting page on each one, keeping a watchful eye over them all.


7) Make sure you've got your card ready - and ensure you've got enough cash in the bank


We've all heard of someone who's gotten through to the booking stage when Glastonbury tickets go on sale, only for their card to get declined when they're trying to pay for six people's deposits. 


Have you card ready - and your details already typed out - when the tickets go on sale. Second, make sure you can afford those deposits! If you can't, ask within your group and confirm someone as the designated payment person so you can use their details if and when you get through.

Set your alarms! Tickets go on sale 3 October 2019

8) Refresh, refresh, refresh 


Refresh the page! The loading page will tell you that you need to wait and it'll refresh itself every now and then - ignore it. Refresh like your life depends on it.


If you follow these tips - and have several windows open on several devices, your card by your side, your group chat buzzing and your alarm still going off after you've snoozed it for the 50th time - it'll be a bit of a balancing act, but it'll all be worth it if you manage to bag a ticket to the 50th edition of the UK's best-loved festival.

8 ways to ensure you’re at Glasto 2020

Coach Packages for Glastonbury 2020 go on sale at 18:00 tomorrow, Thursday 3 October, with the full sale starting at 9:00 on Sunday 6 October. Get yours here


For more information on Glastonbury Festival respond to their Facebook event listing or visit the website.

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