Don't miss A Celebration of Cult and Classic TV this weekend at To The Moon in Bristol!

Don't miss A Celebration of Cult and Classic TV this weekend at To The Moon in Bristol!

Posted on: 18 Jun 2019

Bristol folk of a certain age will get a real kick out A Celebration of Cult & Classic TV which takes place at To The Moon on Saturday 22nd June.

We Are Cult at To The Moon Bristol.

The inaugural venture of We Are Cult, it's a convention that fondly harks back at what was good, great, weird, wonderfully and sometimes a little bit terrifying about TV from a long gone, and some would argue much-missed terrestrial era.


If you remember Ghostwatch, Windmill, That's Life, In At The Deep End, The Famous Five or Doctor Who, then you'll know exactly the kind of thing that's in store. You're probably the kind of person who also relished the recent Philomena Cunk specials and took great mischievous, ribald delight in the Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups series.


There's a good, suitably retro and cult-tinged line-up of special guests to rekindle those long-since-past but still-burning-brightly memories too, including - deep breath - Stephen Volk (Ghostwatch), Chris Chapman (Doctor Who), Gary Russell (The Famous Five), Andrew Marshall (2 point 4 Children) & Rob Grant (Red Dwarf), Chris Serle (Windmill, In At The Deep End), and Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris (Philomena Cunk, The Ladybird Books For Grown-Ups), popular Doctor Who vloggers The Review Of Death, the writers of Candy Jar Books' range of Lethbridge-Stewart books from the world of Doctor Who, plus comperes Sam Michael, Anthony Townsend and comedy historian Jem Roberts.


A true celebration of the classic and cult, the quirky and kitsch, the oddball and wacky, the barmy and the brilliant. The event runs from 10am-8pm. Tickets cost £30 each and you can get your cult-loving clutches on them right here. To The Moon is located at 27-29 Midland Road, Bristol, BS2 0JT - contact the team on 07964 179620 for more info.

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Jamie Caddick

Jamie is a writer, blogger, journalist, critic, film fan, soundtrack nerd and all-round Bristolian good egg.  He loves the music of Philip Glass, the art of Salvador Dali, the writings of Charles Bukowksi and Hunter S Thompson, the irreverence of Harry Hill, and the timeless, straw-chomping exuberance of The Wurzels.  You can sometimes find him railing against a surging tide of passing cyclists, or gorging himself senseless on the Oriental delights of a Cosmos all-you-can-eat buffet.