Father's Day with Moor Beer at the Prince Street Social on Sunday 16th June 2019

Father's Day with Moor Beer at the Prince Street Social on Sunday 16th June 2019

Posted on: 11 Jun 2019

It's Father's Day. And dad's like beer, right? So it's only right and proper that you treat the ol' man to a few hours of decent beer imbibing on the day itself (Sunday 16th June 2019, don't forget) at the Prince Street Social in Bristol for its special partnering up with Moor Beer.


Father's Day with Moor Beer at Prince Street Social - to give the gig its full title - will refreshingly do precisely what it says on the tin. The teaming up of one the city's most revered dockside restaurants with one of its most influential beer makers can only lead to good things, and an afternoon of slurping excellent beverages and chomping great food is sure to make your dad's day.

Moor Beer

Prince Street Social is one of the most popular restaurants and brasseries in the city, offering up a first-class menu of brunch (sometimes bottomless), lunch and dinner options and an always heavingly-popular Sunday roast. With a magnificent selection of beers, wines and spirits, it's a real no-brainer in the food and drink stakes. If you haven't been, rectify that immediately.


Step through the doors and you'll get a pint of one of Moor's tip-top beers on arrival, and between the glugging you'll be able to pick away at a selection of bar snacks and small sharing plates. In this case, that will be homemade scotch eggs, pork pies and the like - excellent, stodgy culinary nibbles that will soak up some of the booze. After which, naturally, you'll be plied with more Moor beer. Bit of a no-brainer really, innit?


The event will run from 2pm until 4pm and dad will even get a special gift to wish him Happy Father's Day from the Prince Street Social and Moor Beer. Tickets are £20 per person and you can reserve your place here.

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