Festival Chamber Choir to perform at The Lansdown in Clifton on Friday 7th June

Festival Chamber Choir to perform at The Lansdown in Clifton on Friday 7th June

Posted on: 30 May 2019

It's Friday night. So what are you going to do? Head to the pub, grab a flagon of fine ale, join a great group of people and belt out some songs, that's what. Friday 7th June 2019 at The Lansdown - that's the date for your diary for this rollicking evening of tasty beverages and hearty bellowing.


Join the Festival Chamber Choir at one of Bristol's finest beer emporiums for a night of drinking and secular songs. It's all good, light-hearted, often boisterous fun where you get the chance to quaff and caterwaul some of the naughtier early music tunes that takes in splendid madrigals, bawdy partsongs and saucy songs.


Everyone's invited, and it's fantastic way to let your hair down, let off some steam, join a talented troupe of professional singers, and enjoy a Friday night of hearty, rambunctious roistering.


Beer quaffers and lovers of the city's proper pubs will be no stranger to The Lansdown, which is something of a legendary venue for seekers of much-needed respite from the world, a nirvana of eating and drinking pleasure and good times.


Tunes from the Tavern kicks off from 9.30pm and is free to take part, and there's a retiring collection. You can reserve your place via email and find out more about The Lansdown here. The Lansdown is located at 8 Clifton Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 1AF - contact the team on 07873 679112 for more info.

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Jamie Caddick

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