Bristol Walk Fest from Wednesday 1st to Friday 31st May 2019

Bristol Walk Fest from Wednesday 1st to Friday 31st May 2019

Posted on: 14 Apr 2019

Walking. It's the best exercise there is. Forget your jogging and your gym memberships and your Fitbits; nothing beats a leisurely (or occasionally brisk) stroll around the city's many brilliant and beautiful locations. So, if you're the kind of lad or lady partial to a frequent, invigorating perambulation, then Bristol Walk Fest, which takes place throughout the month of May from the 1st to 31st, will be just the thing for you.

Bristol Walk Fest 2018

Now in its seventh year, this festival dedicated to healthy ambling pulls in the pootling punters to the tune of more than 2,000 from Bristol and beyond. And with its itinerary of wonderful walks for people of all ages, walking preferences and fitness levels, there's sure to be something for everyone.


As always, this year will see an invigorating mix of moseying options to get involved in. From nature walks to historical tours, walking sports to sauntering for street art, or if you simply want to get out for some fresh air and stretch your legs and enjoy the views, then the rota will have the right roaming option to suit.


The majority of events won't cost you a penny and the peregrination opportunities cover the whole gamut from leg-stretching treks of less than a mile to, for the more hardcore meanderers amongst you, up to ten. For some of them, though, you'll need to book in advance so it's best to have a peruse and put your name down if any of the walks whet your whistle.


You can pick up a programme of all the events and full details from your local library, the Bristol Tourist Information Centre, or just yomp on over to the official website here.


Bristol Walk Fest takes place at various locations around Bristol. 

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