Get your kit off! Official date set for the 2019 Bristol Naked Bike Ride

Get your kit off! Official date set for the 2019 Bristol Naked Bike Ride

Posted on: 10 Apr 2019

A lot of us in Britain are still a bit funny about nakedness, but there's no room for discomfort this summer as the Bristol leg of the World Naked Bike Ride returns on Sunday 9th June. The "bare as you dare" dress code stresses that you can go as naturally as you see fit, and anyone and everyone is welcome to get involved.

The Bristol Naked Bike Ride.

The Naked Bike Ride is nothing new to Bristol with the city having hosted it for a number of years now, and, aimed at demanding safer cycling for everyone in the city and around the world, attracts a sizeable number of participants every summer.


With the run officially getting underway at 1.30pm on Sunday 9th June, riders are encouraged to meet an hour before at 12.30pm at The Full Moon to mingle, meet their fellow participants and get a bit of body paint.


The route itself will take the riders through roughly seven miles of Bristol over the course of around two hours, avoiding hills and tricky surfaces, which is certainly a wise move - just the thought of hitting one a pothole and going head-over-handlebars with everything flapping about is enough to make us think twice about getting involved.


There'll be plenty of opportunities to stop along the way and check out local landmarks, check out the scenery or just relish the rare chance to bare all in a public place with no consequences.

The Bristol Naked Bike Ride.

As mentioned the dress code is "bare as you dare" meaning you can wear as much, or as little, as you like, and all members of the body-positive ride are free to express themselves without judgement.


For more information on this year's Bristol Naked Bike Ride or to find out how to get involved, check out the organisers' Facebook listing and follow updates there.

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