In conversation with Lucie Jones

In conversation with Lucie Jones

Posted on: 15 Mar 2019

Ah, 2009. What has changed since then? Not a lot for X-Factor sensation, Lucie Jones. She remains a sought-after star. See her perform in her brand-new tour, This Is Me, at The Redgrave Theatre this Sunday, 17 March! 


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Lucie Jones is coming to Bristol!

After storming through season 6 of the X Factor a decade ago, Jones has since pulled together an impressive celeb CV. We’re talking theatre domination, pop releases and did we mention her impressive Eurovision appearance? Ahead of her intimate show at The Redgrave Theatre this weekend, we caught up with Lucie to see what she’s been up to since that infamous breakthrough.


Hey, Lucie! We can't wait for your new tour, This Is Me. But first things first, how has life changed for you since the X Factor? Do you still watch the show? 

I always watched the show and dreamed of being a part of it, so it was such an incredible thing to happen when it did! Life totally changed. It educated me - an opportunity I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Yes, I watch the show occasionally - I still think it can be great TV.


Since X Factor, it seems that you’ve focused on theatre. Tell us a bit more about this career move! 

I always wanted to do theatre, and I’ve loved musicals for as long as I can remember. I met my theatre agent shortly after leaving X Factor, and we still work together now.


What’s been your favourite on-stage role and why? Your role in Legally Blonde as Elle Woods has got to be up there!

Yes, Elle woods was an incredible role. I love her! I feel like I’ve taken a small part of all the characters I’ve played into my real life. It’s a wonderful thing to do – becoming other people and walking a mile in their shoes.


What’s next for you, theatre-wise? Can you let us in on any exciting, upcoming roles?

There are really exciting things happening this year...

Lucie as Elle Woods

Last week, you went on BBC Radio Wales to discuss International Women’s Day. Can you tell us about some of your biggest, female inspirations? How do they inform your artistry?  

Gah. Women really are amazing. The women in my family are seriously hard-working, badass, strong humans - so I’ll start there. My history teacher in school, Rebecca Collins. My first vocal coach, Louise Ryan. My friends and fellow Welsh performers, Ria Jones and Caroline Sheen. My closest girls, Lauren Samuels, Samantha Barks and Jade Watts. My friends from school. I honestly think all the women in my life are friggin’ awesome — all of them.


What can we expect from your new tour, This Is Me?! 

It is going to be so much fun. I’ve pulled together some of my favourite songs and messed with them so they’ll be entirely fresh to audiences. Most of the set I’ve never sung before, so I’m excited about sharing these songs with fans and new friends! Also, I have some pretty fun stories to tell...


So, your show is at Bristol's Redgrave Theatre in Clifton. Do you visit Bristol a lot? If so, how do you like to spend your visits? 

I love Bristol. I was there two weeks ago to watch Kinky Boots at the Hippodrome. Before that, the last time was to perform there myself as Elle in Legally Blonde. Love the city and the people. The food scene is great!


As this is a solo tour, how do you think it’ll differ from your previous group performances? Which do you prefer? 

I love having the chance to be intimate with my audiences. It’s great to talk directly to people as opposed to belting into the ether and hoping the audience is enjoying it! Can’t wait to do my first intimate show ever in Bristol. 

Lucie Jones will be at Clifton’s Redgrave Theatre in March

We can't, either! Grab a ticket for Lucie's intimate show at The Redgrave Theatre in Clifton here. The show is happening Sunday 17 March at 19:30. Tickets are £18 for general admission, whereas concessions can attend for just £15. Students and Under 18s can go for £12.50! 

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