The Sooty Show at Redgrave Theatre on Sunday 10th February 2019

The Sooty Show at Redgrave Theatre on Sunday 10th February 2019

Posted on: 06 Feb 2019

Us adults of a certain generational vintage will fondly remember the exploits of TV's Sooty, Sweet and Soo, who will be at Bristol's Redgrave Theatre with their brand new Laugh Out Loud Magic Show on Sunday 10th February 2019.


The puppet trio, along with TV's Richard Cadell, will astound and delight with an amazing array of incredible tricks and rib-tickling jokes as well as treating you to the exciting visual wonders of Sooty's flying car, Soo's singing unicorn and, erm, Sweep's levitating sausage.


Created by puppeteer and magician Harry Corbett, those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s will fondly remember the The Sooty Show which was presented by his son, Matthew Corbett, and brimmed with the kind of innocuous, charming, playful fun that a generation now numbed by mobile phones, X-


Boxes and multiple gaming platforms can only imagine. Ahhhh, the innocence of youth. Sooty got a televisual reboot in 2011, ensuring this much-loved, yellow, black eyed and nosed glove puppet with a penchant for magic tricks and practical jokes will be enjoyed by future generations of youngsters. Families will also get the chance to meet Richard and Sooty after the show. Izzy wizzy let’s get busy, indeed.


Special guests will include circus star Michael Jordan and exponent of the ultraviolet arts, Fantasie de la Nuit.


There will be two shows on the day, one at 11am and the other at 2.30pm. Tickets cost £12 for adults, £10 for children, which you can purchase here.


Redgrave Theatre is located at Percival Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3LE.  Tel. 0117 3157 800


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