Pirates and Mermaids at Bristol Aquarium from Saturday 16th February until Sunday 3rd March 2019

Pirates and Mermaids at Bristol Aquarium from Saturday 16th February until Sunday 3rd March 2019

Posted on: 06 Feb 2019

Bearded men with a penchant for parrots, peg legs and rum will join forces with mythical, aquatic, fish-tailed females for Bristol Aquarium's few weeks of family-friendly, fun activities which run from Saturday 16th February until Saturday 3rd March 2019.

Bristol Aquarium

Pirates and Mermaids will be exactly what it says on the tin; a hearty combo of rascally pirate rogues and beautiful, elegant Ariel-like women of the deep, briny sea - and they all want to make your visit as engaging, immersive and enjoyable as possible.


So, get involved in the pirate trail, discover more about sea creatures such as mermaid who swim in the seven seas (and the chance to meet a real life one who will regale her 'tails' of life beneath the waves), and a myriad other hands-on, awesome activities that will keep the whole family educated, amused and entertained.


It'll all take place indoors too so, no matter what the unpredictable British weather throws at us, you can have a cracking time regardless of those often pesky meteorological conditions.


The pirates and mermaids will be appearing only on selected dates, so keep your eye on the Bristol Aquarium website for the dates and times they'll be putting in an appearance. Ahar me hearties!


For more information about upcoming events, activities and conservation projects at Bristol Aquarium, have a look here.


Bristol Aquarium is located at Anchor Road, Bristol, BS1 5TT.  Tel. 0117 929 8929

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