Help Bristol's homeless this month with I Am Not Lost on Sunday 24th February

Help Bristol's homeless this month with I Am Not Lost on Sunday 24th February

Posted on: 05 Feb 2019

The winter months are the harshest on Bristol's homeless population for obvious reasons, and as more and more people in the city find themselves sleeping rough it's up to the local community to lend a helping hand. Keep Bristol Warm is one of many initiatives in the area that aims to help the city's homeless, and you can do your bit this month by getting involved with I Am Not Lost, a drive to provide people with warm clothing and other essentials on the evening of Sunday 24th February.

Get involved with I Am Not Lost on Sunday 24th February.

With several major towns and cities set to take part in the I Am Not Lost drive this year including Cambridge, Weymouth, Cardiff, Wrexham, Worcestershire, Oxford, Watford and Leicester, now is as good a chance as any to show you care.


This winter has already seen some extreme weather conditions hit several areas of the UK with heavy snowfall, ice and sleet, making life that much more dangerous for people sleeping on the streets.


The event invites members of the public to tie scarves and other items of warm clothing to lampposts around the city, attaching a note reading "I am not lost - if you need me, take me." Not only does this provide people with access to warmer clothes in bitterly cold winter conditions, it symbolises solidarity between those who find themselves homeless and people lucky enough to be in more stable situations. 

This is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that we care, are aware, and are ultimately proud to Keep Bristol Warm. Please note, also, that this is an awareness event as well as a provision of warm clothing. Volunteers are encouraged to hand out scarves and gloves to people they encounter as they walk.

I Am Lost will be taking place nationwide on the evening of Sunday 24th February. For more information or to find out how you can get involved, visit the I Am Not Lost Bristol Facebook listing or contact Keep Bristol Warm directly via email. Alternatively, check out the Keep Bristol Warm Facebook page to find out more about the vital work they do.

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