British Dal Festival from Sunday 10th to Sunday 17th February 2019

British Dal Festival from Sunday 10th to Sunday 17th February 2019

Posted on: 04 Feb 2019

Here's a festival guaranteed to set the pulses racing. And with pun totally intended, we can confirm that the British Dal Festival will return to Bristol across a range of the city's top venues and hotspots from Sunday 10th to Sunday 17th February 2019.


New and improved and with an expanded Dal Trail taking place this year, it's a nationwide celebration of dal and other such foodstuffs including peas, beans, lentils and pulses.

British Dal Festival in Bristol

After the huge success of its original festival, 2019's sophomore stint will kick off from what is expected will be assigned by the United Nations as the first ever World Pulse Day, recognising the multifarious health, nutritional and global benefits that can be gleaned from them. It will come to an energetic close with the Grand Dal Finale at Paintworks on Saturday 16th February.


Across the tenure of the festival you can expect plenty of delicious, nutritious food being cooked up and dished out, sourced from the very best chefs from around the globe for a treat for the tastebuds utilizing this versatile range of ingredients.


Here's what you can expect as the week unfolds in all its yummy, dal-based glory:


Dal Trail
This will take place at various times and dates at a range of some of the city's very best eating establishments such as Harts Bakery, Gopal's Curry Shack,


Spike Island Cafe, Thali Cafe and Friska.
You can also tuck into a hearty free lunch cooked by the folk at Thali Cafe and 91 Ways, then snap up a few ingredients of your own for dal recipes from Bristol Farmers Market at St Nick's Market on Wednesday 13th February 2019.

British Dal Festival in Bristol

Grand Dal Finale
As the title eminently suggests, it'll be grand, it'll be dal focused, and it'll be, well, pretty much the end of this year's British Dal Fest. (Hold back the tears, we're sure there'll be another one next year.)The Finale day will enjoy a raft of delicious demos from top chefs and dal maestros such as Kalpna Woolf and Jenny Chandler, and you can enjoy a feast of scrumptious dal-based tucker from the street food stalls and market pop-ups.


There will also be workshops and activities for the kids on Saturday 16th February 2019.
Too tempting to say no to and too dal-icious to resist? For the complete lowdown on the British Dal Festival and a comprehensive round-up of events, activities, tasters and more, head here.


British Dal Festival takes place at various venues across Bristol from Sunday 10th to Sunday 17th February 2019.

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