Everyman Cinema's Christmas Screenings in Bristol December 2018

Everyman Cinema's Christmas Screenings in Bristol December 2018

Posted on: 26 Nov 2018

Movie goers and Christmas lovers, Everyman Cinema will be screening your favourite Christmas films this December! Come down to Whiteladies Road and chose your pick of the film classics for this winter season:


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

A down-on-his-luck inventor (Van Dyke) turns a broken-down Grand Prix car into a fancy vehicle for his children, and then they go off on a magical fantasy adventure to save their grandfather in a far-off land.

Bring the whole family along for a festive Sing-along version of this classic movie at Everyman.

Screening Date: Sunday 16th December at 14:00


Home Alone

When Kevin learns that two burglars with a Christmas list of their own are working their way up the block, he is forced to defend the family home and sets about decking the halls with traps to hold the thieves at bay until his relatives come home...

Screening Date: Wednesday 5th December at 19:45


Love Actually

From Director Richard Curtis comes a modern Christmas classic. Love Actually follows the loosely intertwined lives of several couples in the lead up to Christmas in London, including newly elected Prime Minster (Hugh Grant), his sister (Emma Thompson) and ageing popstar Billy Mack (Bill Nighy).

Screening Date: Saturday 22nd December at 23:00



After inadvertently wreaking havoc on the elf community due to his ungainly size, Buddy (Will Ferrell), a man raised as an elf at the North Pole, is sent to America in search of his true identity.

Screening Date: Saturday 8th December at 23:00


Die Hard

Bruce Willis’ vest-wearing hero was an unlikely saviour in 1988 and despite endless attempts to recycle the formula, he remains without equal in the genre.

Tough New York cop John McClane finds himself in a tight situation when a Christmas office party in Los Angeles is taken over by terrorists. Apart from himself, everyone else in the building - including his wife - is held at gunpoint while their captors spell out their demands. The F.B.I. are called in to survey the situation, but John McClane has other plans for the terrorists...

Screening Date: Saturday 29th December at 23:00


It’s A Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life is the story of downcast bank manager George Bailey, played memorably by the late, great James Stewart, who sets out to kill himself on Christmas Eve but changes his mind when a guardian angel helps him realise he has made a difference in the world.

Yes, it verges on the sentimental but it’s far more it's just heart-warming – the grandaddy of all feel-good movies.

Screening Date: Monday 24th December at 13:00


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Erik Nilsson

Erik is a third-year student at UWE studying English and Writing. He is currently writing a short story and is an avid golf player. He enjoys the peace and quiet but is not one to turn away a good night out with his mates.