Getting to know Card Shack in Bristol

Getting to know Card Shack in Bristol

Posted on: 05 Nov 2018

Michelle Kingscott from Bristol has worked in the Card and Gift industry in Broadmead for 12 years and has recently opened her very own Card Shack shop in Bristol’s iconic Arcade, bang in the centre of Broadmead. The shop has a bright, friendly atmosphere with a choice of exciting greetings cards and gifts handpicked from unique artists and suppliers. To emphasise being a Bristol independent, Michelle is offering an opportunity to suppliers from Bristol with unique products to get it out there on the high street. Michelle and her fantastic team have a goal to make Card Shack the best card shop in town. The product is targeted to a PG audience with a good sense of humour and not to be offended.

365Bristol chatted to Michelle about her journey so far and what's on offer in her new shop!

Card Shack Bristol

What made you want to open up a card shop?

I have worked in the card and gift industry in Bristol Broadmead for 12 years. The fast-paced environment and friendly customers has made my experience very enjoyable. 


Are you designing cards yourself? Can independent designers submit their work/designs for you to consider?

As much as I would love to design cards myself, I just don’t have the time. I 100% back independent designers and I would be honoured to have the opportunity to stock unique product in Card Shack. 


The Arcade is known as the heart of independent businesses in Broadmead – is that why you chose to locate there?

As I have worked in Broadmead for 12 years (and grew up in Bristol) I know the area and customer base very well. The Arcade has built a strong reputation with independents and I was flattered to be given an opportunity to have a shop there. The footfall is buzzing, and the other shops are brilliant and friendly. 


What’s the funniest quote you’ve ever seen on a card?

I’m a fan of the rude humour but I do love “Shake your melons - it’s your birthday” from Sooshi Cha Cha. 


What advice would you give someone looking to set up an independent business?

Don’t give up. It will be a rollercoaster and you will probably feel defeated every day. If you believe in yourself, you will find a way around it. Starting this up with a full-time job and two very young children has been the hardest challenge of my life and now it is the most rewarding. 

Card Shack Bristol

Can designs be purchased or viewed online?

Sales can only be made in store, but we are doing sneak peaks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Followers will receive exclusive discounts. 


Are you able to make or order in bespoke cards?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer this service at the moment, but this is definitely a long-term goal that we hope to offer in the future. 


What other gifts and accessories do you have available?

We have a range of wrapping paper and gift bags. We offer a wrapping service for £1 per item. We also have a range of PG rated small gifts such as mugs, badges, magnets, lighters, coasters and so on. We have a fantastic confectionery range supplied by ‘My Sweets and Treats’ based in Bristol. There’s tasty Gin jellies, cherry vodka fudge and so on! We’re also working on Bristol souvenirs and would love suppliers to come forward with their product.


Card Shack is located at Unit 5 The Arcade, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3JA. Keep up to date with them through their social media channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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