365Bristol Lunch Hour: The Prince Street Social

365Bristol Lunch Hour: The Prince Street Social

Posted on: 02 Nov 2018

Lunchtime. It’s surely the best part of the working day. It marks the end of the slow, coffee-fuelled morning and the beginning of those final hours in the afternoon before we get to leave work. If your workspace is centrally located like ours, it’s good to go for a lunchtime ramble now and again in search of a great spot to sit down and munch until your heart’s content. Dining out for lunch is a good chance to catch up with a friend, loved one or spend the hour alone to treat yourself once in a while! Alternatively, if you’re an employer, the lunch hour is the perfect time to take the employees out to a well-deserved meal as a thank you for their hard work.


With Bristol being the foodie hotspot that it is, there's a seemingly endless amount of fantastic restaurants in and around the city centre. You can find food from all over the globe from a wide range of eateries here, and with so many flavours to be sampled, we have made it our mission to test, try and time as many as we can. This time around we headed to The Prince Street Social to put their lunch menu to the test and decided to sample a couple of cocktails while we were at it, because, well, who wouldn't?

The Hazelnut Mocha and Rhubarb Collins at The Prince Street Social.

There's a lot to be said about the atmosphere when you're out for lunch during the working week. When you've only got an hour to squeeze in a decent meal before trudging back to the office, you want to be somewhere relaxed, modern, relatively quiet and, above all, comfortable. The Prince Street Social is all that and more, nestled in amongst Bristol's busy office district off Queen's Square, and their menus aren't bad either.


As always, in the interest of time, we went for one dish each - the Halloumi Kebab (whole-heartedly recommended by general manager Dulcie Carey) and The Social's Famous Fish Finger Sandwich. At £10 and £6.50, both are well-priced for a quick bite for lunch, and turned out to be very good value for money.

The Halloumi Kebab and Famous Fish Finger Sandwich at The Prince Street Social.

My Halloumi Kebab was a fantastic combination of fresh, vibrant ingredients, from the perfectly-fried Halloumi to the crispy red cabbage and spring onions, all the way down to the soft, naan-like bread base. A garnish of red chillies and pomegranate balanced the dish well, with the sharp bite of the chillies complemented by the fruit. 


It was clear to see, meanwhile, where they got the name for the Famous Fish Finger Sandwich. The Sourdough bread got a glowing review from my German colleague - "I thought the English couldn't do bread!" - while the fish tasted supremely fresh and was served alongside a balsamic glaze-garnished rocket salad. 

The fresh and vibrant Halloumi Kebab at The Prince Street Social.

The service at The Prince Street Social is fast and friendly and the staff are massively attentive, eager to make customers feel like regulars the minute they step inside. The bar has a really genuine-feeling chilled out atmosphere, with good music and a modern decor that suits the venue nicely. The last thing you want when stepping out of the office for lunch is a hectic environment, and The Prince Street Social is a provider of just the opposite: good food and good vibes in a great location.


You can find The Prince Street Social at 34-41 Prince St, Bristol BS1 4PS, serving their lunch menu from 12pm-4pm every week from Monday to Friday. To find out more about the bar or to see what they've got coming up, visit their website or check out our recent #BehindTheBar feature.

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